Patterns in Nature – photography challenge

Our first photography challenge was focusing on patterns in nature.

We headed out on a walk with our eyes wide open.  It was incredibly interesting to see what the kids spotted and what I was thinking about.  They spent ages trying to get photos of damselfies with their banded bodies and of some butterflies flitting about.

Here are their favourite photos:


My DD’s choice is this pic of some ducklings. She liked the pattern on their heads!

DS spotted this bindweed flower that had been nibbled by something in a weird pattern.


Thanks so much to Big who joined in the challenge with these fantastic pictures – do go along and take a look and leave her a comment!

So the next challenge is going to be about colours.  It struck me this week how many different colours are around us at the moment.  So the theme is all the colours of the rainbow.

See if you can capture every single colour of the rainbow, look for flowers, insects, maybe you will be lucky and can capture a rainbow itself?

I look forward to seeing your results, again, leave a comment if you’d like to join in and I’ll link to you with my next challenge post.

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