Is it berry picking time yet?

I never seem to get (black) berry picking season right.  I always think it *should* be around about October time but of course by then it’s completely over.  It doesn’t help that I don’t think I ever went berry picking as a kid, even now it feels really weird to go along a roadside and pick enough blackberries to take home and eat.

My kids do love blackberries though (unlike me) so every year we try and make an effort to pick some.  It’s a great excuse to get outside and go searching along pathways you haven’t been to before in any case!  To be quite honest I think it’s just me that is a little bit strange in not liking balckberries, I don’t think I’ve ever met a child who didn’t like them!  And with hands as pink as the ones above, I’m sure you’ll love them too ;)   The whole exercise is great for showing kids about where food can come from and that it doesn’t have to be restricted to the supermarket.

Much of the time we only ever pick enough to eat as they are, but there are also many ways that you can cook them or add them to things.  Summer pudding (recipe here is like the one we used) is really easy and only really requires bread, fruit and sugar.  Other ideas are jam making, apple and blackberry crumble/pie,or you could even make some Blackberry Bites like thes ones on this Cbeeebies page.  Loads of ideas, if you can get them out of those little pink hands first!

Right, we’re off to find some blackberries before I leave it too late again!  Hope we find some!

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One thought on “Is it berry picking time yet?

  1. I never quite know when the picking season is either but do love them :) might see if we can find some thus weekend to go with the apples off our tree :)

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