Go on a Fungi Walk!

Autumn is a great time to learn and search out fungi.  All that damp weather brings them out in spades and a quick walk around some woods will hopefully reveal them.

If you can’t find any, then keep going, sometimes they are so camouflaged that it can be really easy to miss them, but once you spot some you often find loads and loads after that!

Looking up what we have found.

Guided walks about this subject are great if you can find something local.  Being able to go for a walk with an expert who can enthuse and answer any quiestions is invaluable.  We recently went on such a walk with a ranger which was great.  They had loads of books we could look up and compare pictures of and they even knew of some edible varieties that we could safely taste (although do NOT do this if you are not 100% sure what you have).  It was the first time we’d ever tasted mushrooms in the wild (we tried Chanterelle mushrooms.)

Of course you don’t need an expert, you could just go for a walk and see how many different varieties you could find.  You could bring a camera and try and get a ‘mouse eyed view’ of fungi.  You could bring out a nature journal and try and find a particularly nice version to draw.

This photo was taken by my son a few years ago as a ‘mouse eyed view’!

The best thing about this time of year is that it may well be damp for a while so you can go on fungi walks for weeks to come!

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2 thoughts on “Go on a Fungi Walk!

  1. A favourite tip I heard for photographing fungi was from Chris Packham: take along a little mirror and place it below the fungi to show the underneath without disturbing it, then get a pic of the image in the mirror. A little pocket mirror is a great thing to take along on nature walks for that different perspective.

  2. Just catching up – but we went on a guided walk last Sunday (sparked by a *regular* walk where we got distracted by all the fungi that we found.

    We took quite a lot of photos – Nin mostly took the ones on the guided walk and, indeed, she was advised by a lady on that to try to get some photos from underneath. I like the pocket mirror idea, though!

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