Apples, apples, apples!

make apple juice kidsApple day is on the 21st October and a perfect time to see if you have any orchards near you with a special event.  There is one near us and every year they open up the orchard, you can pick apples to your hearts content and they have activities for the children as well.  I love finding places where we can participate in apple pressing too – love the tast of fresh apple juice!

It’s always worth keeping an eye on apple trees as you take walks so that when it gets to this time of year you can take advantage of the harvest (although if they are in someones garden make sure you ask before you pick!)

Connecting kids to the food that we eat is a really great way to get them out and appreciating nature.  And if you get some food in your belly, all the better!!  As some of the apples may be a bit sour look for some recipes to use them in like from here. Hmmmm apple muffins sound interesting!!


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2 thoughts on “Apples, apples, apples!

  1. We had an apple day towards the end of September. We were really excited about it after reading about other town’s apple days. It turned out to be highly commercial and selling very expensive apples, and no picking. We were very dissapointed. Glad to here yours was good though.

  2. We have our own apple picking here as we have a massive Bramley tree in our garden! I agree it’s great for the children to see the different things we do with them such as chutneys and jams.

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