The best kids electric cars in 2017

By Kirsty / January 15, 2017

Electric cars for kids to drive are a huge thing nowadays.  Getting one can be a fun way of turning your garden in to a pretend world that kids can really drive about in.  Read on for some of the best kids electric cars available right now in 2017 and what you need to look out for when buying.

What to look for in an electric car for kids

One of the main things to check when buying a motorised car for kids are the safety features.  Obviously most of these toys won’t go too fast, but it’s still a good idea to check out that they have a seat belt, that the speed isn’t too fast for you and your child and whether you are able to control from a distance via a remote control.

Electric cars are generally good for older toddlers up to around the age of 6 or 7 – you might want to check your child’s weight alongside the recommended limit as well especially if the child you are buying for is big for their age.

It’s worth also checking how you can charge these mini cars for kids and how long they will go for when fully charged.  I recommend checking reviews as this is where you’ll find out whether they live up to their claims as well!

Best kids electric cars under £100

On the budget end of the scale these ride on electric cars for kids (and bikes) can be found under £100.  They are mostly powered by 6v batteries at this price point.

Mini Convertible Style Kids Ride On

This small 6v car is styled on real cars and is a great entry level ride on electric car.  It drives forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right with a single speed and when the foot is taken off the pedal it brakes automatically.  A seatbelt is also included.

One of the unique features of this one is that it also includes an mp3 player socket so your child can listen to their favourite music as they drive around!

It’s quite small, so will probably suit up to the age of about 5.

To read more reviews and to check the latest price click here.


Charles Jacobs Ride on Kids Motorcycle/Scooter

This is a fab little kids electric bike and it comes with excellent reviews.  You can get the bike in three different colours – pink, black and a nice lime green.

It’s a 6v battery operated bike which has three wheels at the back (making it a trike I guess!) for extra stability.  It has forward and reverse and a maximum speed of 3 km/h.

For ages 3-7!


To check out the reviews of this electric bike for kids and the latest price click here.


Best 12v kids cars

12v cars have more power than the 6v versions (unsurprisingly!) and also come with a slightly higher price tag.  They also sometimes come with parent remotes making the cars last a lot longer and be suitable for a longer age range – use the remote when they are little and need help controlling it and let them take to the pedals when they are a bit older.

Range Rover Style kids ride on car

This is an excellent little car for the price with lots of features and I can personally vouch for this version which a little girl I looked after had.  It’s well built with one seat (and room for some teddies) and is easily drivable.

It has a parent remote so that you can take control if need be and has some fun music and lights to blare out while driving along.  Seat belts are also included and it’s 12v battery should last for about an hour of driving time.

To check out more details for this car and reviews click here



Maserati Style 12v Blue Kids Ride on Car

If you’re looking for a car that’s a little bit sportier and little bit more flash then this Maserati style ride on sports car will be perfect!

With fun lift up wing doors and a really smart look to it all kids will love it.  Again it has a parental remote, making it an excellent electric car for toddlers, lights and music.  You can also put items in the boot which opens – it is a really well designed toy.

Suitable for ages 2+

To check out the reviews and latest price click here


Licensed electric ride on cars

There are many versions of these battery powered ride on toys available as you’ll see – perhaps what tickles your fancy is a mini version of your car.  If so you could look for a licensed version of the car you drive yourself so that your child is literally a mini version of you!  Licensed electronic cars do come with a slightly higher price tag though, but they can be really fun.

BMW Ride on car

This BMW ride on car is lovely and sporty and if you have your own BMW why not treat your little one to one as well!!  If your kids are anything like mine and know their car makes and models then this one will surely go down very well.

To find out more, read reviews and check the latest price click here



Personalise their ride!

Finally, why not personalise the cars just for your little one by getting some personalised licence plates for them?  These would be perfect little additions to a gift of an electric car or something cheap to add in to a stocking.

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Although these toy cars can sometimes represent a fairly big investment, the play value is also huge and I really think they are a great thing to have in your arsenal of outdoor toys for kids especially if your garden is big enough, or if your street is safe they’re really cool toys to have.  Kids love pretending to be adults and let’s face it, most of us drive or have access to cars!

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Kirsty is the mum of two kids and has spent the last 16 years on a quest to get them outside more, enjoying nature and the world around them.

Joanne Buckley - November 9, 2016

These are fantastic! I bought a Range Rover kids electric car earlier this year for my son’s 4th birthday. These are the best presents you can get for your child.

Awesome Toys - May 26, 2017

Hi Kirsty, some great info here for prospective buyers. People tend to buy these an a whim without any research!

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