Feber 12v Dareway review – outdoor fun for kids!

By Kirsty / December 2, 2016
Faber 12v dareway review

Ride on toys are great tools to get kids outside more, and electric ride ons even more so.  One of the more popular toys around this Christmas is this segway type ride on toy – so here’s our Faber 12v Dareway review.  Is it worth buying?

Feber 12v Dareway review

So, what is this funny looking toy?  It’s based on the Segway but is a little more wide and so more kid friendly.   It basically is a platform that you stand on and the wheels transport you about.  It’s great fun for kids and something a little bit different I think, especially if your kids are a little old for electric ride on cars.  If you’re looking for something special, unique and great fun for your kids to play with outside then read on – I think you’ll love it!

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Faber 12v Dareway specs

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • for ages 3-8 approximately
  • has a platform with an acceleration pedal
  • can turn left, right and do a 360 degree turn.  You can also go in reverse.
  • fun for both boys and girls
  • speed up to 3.7mph
  • height 940mm, width 630mm, depth 650mm


A unique upright ride on for kids

The Dareway provides a really good experience for kids which, as I mentioned before, is slightly different than the traditional ride on toys like cars and quad bikes.  As you stand on it and manoeuvre yourself you’re using some good balance techniques and as the movements are controlled by buttons on the handles it’s also good for hand eye coordination.

The foot pedal controls the forward acceleration of the Dareway and if you want to turn left or right (or do a 360 degree spin) you press the buttons on the handle.  Press them both together and it goes in reverse!

It’s a self assembly unit, but it’s really easy to put together so no worries there.  You get a sheet of decals too so you can customise it as you wish.  Kids love to make it just theirs and this is a great addition to the product.  I imagine especially so if it’s given as a gift and it’s a rainy day so they’ll still have something to do with it and enjoy it!

One negative about the product is that it struggles on rough terrain.  You’re better using it on tarmac, a driveway or a path than grass or rough ground.

It’s got a really stable platform but as with any toy like this there’s a potential for accidents if you hit uneven ground, so I’d definitely recommend having a helmet or knee pads alongside.  Always a good idea to make them standard for your kids when on any ride on toy!

Overall I think it’s a really great idea for a toy for kids and if you want to get them outside and playing with their friends it’s a great way to do it.

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