Activities and beach games for kids and toddlers

beach games with kids

beach games for kidsA trip to the beach can be fun whether it’s part of a summer holiday or just a day trip on a sunny weekend in Autumn (or any season for that matter!)  Here’s some ideas of beach games for kids to try and activities that will suit all ages.

Beach activities for kids and toddlers

Sandcastle building

The classic thing to do at the seaside is to build sandcastles!  I don’t really need to tell you how to do this do I?

Why not challenge your kids to build a sand city?  Create a moat around it and fill it with water!


girl at beachDigging a hole enough for water to come in

Some kids just love digging and the challenge of digging the biggest and best holes!  Why not see how long it takes and how deep you need to go for water to start seeping in at the bottom?

Beach art

Once my kids got a little older and weren’t too interested in digging and making sandcastles, we started making beach art with some of the things we’d find on the beach.  Flower shapes using shells or sculptures using stones.  This can be done with al ages though.  Younger kids can help make a big beach face – find some seaweed for hair, stones and shells for the rest of the face!  See what fun we had with this here.


Collecting pebbles and shells and sometimes even bits of sea glass has been a favourite pastime of ours at the beach, even in to teenage years.

If your kids are struggling to get started, give them some ideas like to find all the white pebbles that they can and send them off.

Write messages or draw pictures

writing name in the sand

Find yourself a large stick, or use the edge of your spade, head down to where the sand is slightly damp and get drawing!  Can you draw a funny face?  Write your name?  Can you do it quick enough so that the waves won’t come in and get it?

Fly a kite

Beaches can be windy and so are perfect places to try out flying a kite.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – a home made version can be just as fun!  When I was younger I had many hours of fun with just a carrier bag and a bit of string attached and then passed this frugal activity on to my own kids who also loved it!


If you’re lucky enough to be at a beach where there’s a few rock pools around, take the opportunity to have a look and see if you can see any wildlife.  Grab a bucket, a net if you have one and start looking!  Crabs, limpets, starfish, maybe even some little fish can be found if you look hard enough.


Group beach games for kids and families

If you want to do some beach games with kids that the whole family will enjoy then these group games can be fun:


A frisbee is perfect for small groups of people, but if there’s quite a few of you it can still work.  Start off with just throwing it and aiming for each other and then you can progress to throwing it a little away from the person you’re aiming at and getting them to run and catch it!  Frisbees can take a little time to get the hang of for younger kids but they can still join in as best as they can!

Ball games

A beach ball is a great addition to any beach toys you might want to bring as it will open up the opportunities for many group games.  You could simply kick the ball about to each other like football, maybe making some imaginary goal posts.  You could also use balls to play beach volleyball, simple games of catch or piggy in the middle.

beach games with kids


Finally, the perfect beach game for large groups and families.  Maybe if you’re together with some other families you can team up and play this.  You need a small ball and a bat to hit it with – it could be a cricket bat, baseball bat or even a tennis racket and then you need to create the bases, but you can use buckets or anything really to mark these out.  It’s a great game that can involve the very young right up to grandparents so a brilliant one to try out if there’s a lot of you.


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Kirsty is the mum of two kids and has spent the last 16 years on a quest to get them outside more, enjoying nature and the world around them.

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