Art at the beach

White pebble henge art on the beach

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We love being beside the sea and would be there every day if we could.

No matter what kind of beach you end up at you can make some art.

Sand Art

From building the traditional sandcastles and decorating with shells, to a more elaborate race track to ride your car around.  My 12 year old was kept busy for *ages* doing this!  Goes to show they are never too old for sandcastles!

There are some amazing sand sculptures that can be done as well, next time I’m going to get more creative!

Shell Art

When my DD was sat glum faced at the beach a few weeks ago and convinced she wasn’t going to enjoy her time there I started looking round the beach to see what we could find and be creative with.  There were loads of shells, so we spent a bit of time walking along and collecting the pretty and interesting ones.  We then set about making some pictures.  The mussel shells were such a beautiful blue colour they were perfect for flower petals.

Rock Art

Not all beaches have shells though, last week we visited a rather pebbly beach at Bridlington and it reminded me of some rock balancing I’d seen done.

The pebbles were lovely flat shapes, just perfect to build tall towers.  We also then got the idea to build a pebble henge and stone circle.

white pebble tower art at beach
dd’s pebble tower at the beach
White pebble henge art on the beach
Pebble Henge sculpture!

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