Tips for camping with kids and toddlers

This post is for you if you’ve ever considered a family camping holiday but need a bit of reassurance!  We’ve been camping with kids since my daughter was about 3 and it’s been some of the most memorable holidays we’ve had.  They can be super cheap holidays too which is why we first started camping. … Read more

Bird watching for children – how to get started

nature reserves with kids

If you’re looking for a great activity, bird watching for children is a wonderful pastime.  It’s a really accessible hobby, especially with information about birds, their calls and numerous pictures online, and really you don’t need a lot of money to take part. How to get started with bird watching for children The best thing … Read more

Book review – Nick Baker’s Bug book

Nick Bakers Bug book

Over the years we’ve collected many, many books and recently we’ve begun acquiring nature related books with ideas of things to do and information we can learn from.  I’m going to start a book review series to bring you all ideas on great books to add to your collections!  There may even be a giveaway … Read more

Pond Dipping!

pond dip bird fair celebrity birdfair

We love going pond dipping and have done it many times in the past.  We often go along to reserves or organised events as it’s great to have experts on hand to identify things.  I actually volunteer myself now at said events, and love to pass on what knowledge I have with kids.  A fantastic … Read more

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