What is the best child bike seat?

Bike rides don’t need to stop when kids come along.  Here’s some tips on choosing the best child bike seat and some reviews of popular products on the market at the moment.

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What to think about when choosing bike seats for kids

If you’d like to take your child out with you when you’re riding your bike either for pleasure, to get you fit or to do errands, then you can either choose a bike seat like in this review or you could also go for a bike trailer (review coming soon).  They both have pros and cons – bike seats tend to be cheaper than trailers and might be a little more safer if you’re riding in high traffic.  You can also chat more to your kid if they are in a seat, but if you have more than one child it might not work out so well.

Front or rear child bike seat?

There are a few things to think about when deciding on a front or rear bike seat.  Rear seats aren’t so good if you think you’ll likely be riding and carrying a rucksack because your child will end up with it being right in their face.  The child can see less in the back, but it might be a better option for balancing your bike.

Front bike seats allow you to be able to communicate and talk with your toddler, point out things and generally keep more of an eye on them (especially if they are liable to take their feet out of the foot restraints!)


Best child bike seat

WeeRide Classic Front Mounted child bike seat

I love the design of this bike seat and it seems to have thought about everything.  It’s a front mounted seat which means you can chat away with your child and really enjoy your bike ride.  What I love is that there’s a ‘dashboard’ that your child can hold on to or rest their head when they’re feeling tired.

It’s suitable from ages 1-4 and fits nearly all bikes.

See more reviews on Amazon here.


Raleigh Avenir Snug Child Seat

If you’re looking for a good budget option then this child’s bike seat by Raleigh is a great option.

It’s suitable for children weighing between 9kg and 22kg with a three point safety harness and leg restraints.  It’s a rear fitting seat, basic but a well liked and reviewed product.

Check out this bike seat on Amazon here.


Best baby bike seat

Most bike seats aren’t suitable for very small babies.  However some are ok from about the age of 9 months old, or when they can support their head independently, like the following:

Hamax Kiss Suspended Baby Bike Seat

This rear baby bike seat is suitable from the age of 9 months up until your child is around 22kgs.  It’s a very sturdy bike seat and is easy to fit to your bike.  It comes highly recommended and is a good brand to go for.

You can see this product on Amazon here.


Yepp Kids Mini Ahead Childseat

This baby bike seat is again suitable from the age of about 9 months up to 3 years old.  It’s a very lightweight bike seat which is good if you’re worried about adding weight when riding.

It’s front fitting so your child can see what you see and I love that it has a handlebar for your child to hold on to and pretend they are riding just like you.

Check out the latest price of this bike seat here.


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