Best electric scooter for kids – our 2020 guide for all ages

Zipping around on a little electric scooter is a lot of fun and if you have kids who sometimes get too tired to keep pushing along when you’re on a bit of a journey can also save a lot of tears!  Here’s my thoughts on choosing the best electric scooter for kids and you’ll see that my favourite brand features quite highly!

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*Updated for 2020 – brands change often in this product line but I aim to keep this article up to date for you.


Tips for choosing the best electric scooter for kids

You’ll want to consider a few things when looking for a good electric scooter:

  • will they play in the street or is it for going out on longer ‘walks’ – battery life could be a concern.
  • is it suitable for your child’s weight?
  • How fast does it go?
  • How is the speed and braking controlled?
  • Can you get a seated version?


Do always check reviews before investing in these items – they are a decent chunk of money to part with.  My recommendation is to go for a good brand if possible but do be aware that there isn’t any one stand out electric scooter with glowing reviews which is a shame.

Our electric scooter reviews – 2020

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Top of our list of kids electric scooters is the Razor E100.  Now Razor features highly in my list as they have quite a few options depending on what you want and they are a reputable brand.  I think this one is the most popular that they make and would be good for most kids.

The battery will last for about 40 mins ona full charge so definitely enough to start getting them outside and playing in some fresh air each day.

  • can go up to 10mph
  • comes in four colour options – red, pink, silver and navy-red
  • all steel frame and fork
  • twist grip for acceleration control
  • kick start motor
  • age 8+
  • max weight 54kg


Check out the latest price on Amazon here.


Razor Power Core E100

As I said, there are a few options within the Razor brand and this one is a ‘Power Core’ version.  What this means is that it has a higher torque motor inside.  It’s also 16% lighter than the classic model and is pretty much maintenance free as there is no chain driven motor.  The ride time of this one is 60 mins, I imagine due to the lighter material.

  • chain free motor – maintenance free
  • twist throttle


You can see this version on Amazon here.


Xootz kids Electric Scooter

If budget is a primary concern for you then this electric scooter might well fit the bill.  It’s about half of the price of the Razor brands and so represents good value.   It states that you can go 10km on a single charge and since the speed of it is 8km per hour it should be able to be used for almost an hour outside.

This is a good introductory scooter I think and a good one if you are worried about investing too heavily in it.



  • suitable for ages 6+
  • weight limit 50kg
  • speed – 8km/h


Check the latest price on Amazon here.


Megawheels electric scooter

This scooter from Megawheels is another pretty decent option.

With a top speed of 14 mph (23km/h) this one is one of the fastest scooters on here so perhaps not so good if you’re a little worried about speed!  This one is for older kids and suitable for age 10+

It lasts for a journey of up to 10 – 15km so around 30 mins if used at full speed.  It has a maximum load of 68kg so slightly more than the other scooters and good if your kids are a bigger.

  • hand operated front brake and foot friction rear brake
  • aluminium alloy frame
  • speed of up to 14 mph
  • suitable for ages 10+


Check the latest price and reviews here.


Best seated electric scooter

Razor E100S Seated Electric Scooter

If you’re after a more leisurely scooter or you think your kids would just like the option to sit down while scooting around then the seated version of the E100, the E100S is a great option.

The seat is removable which means you can have it just like the classic version reviewed above.  The stats are pretty much the same too with a 40 minute ride time on a full charge and a top speed of 10 mph.

Check out the reviews of this item here.


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