10 of the best garden toys to transform your garden into fun central!

When it comes to getting our kids outside the garden is the first place we think about.  It’s safe, it’s within reach, we don’t need to worry about the weather ruining the day as they can just come back inside.  If you’re thinking of turning your garden in to a kids playing paradise, here’s some of the best garden toys around.  Obviously some depend on the size of your garden but there are ideas here for small spaces to the biggest gardens.

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Best outdoor toys for your garden


A trampoline can provide fun for all ages in the garden, whether they are excitable toddlers or teens needing space.  They are perfect for letting off steam after a tough day in school or for having fun with friends.  It’s also a great physical activity to get the blood pumping, needs no skills to do it and if you’re just wanting your kids to get a bit more active it’s perfect.   You can see my picks for the top trampolines here.

Climbing frame

Again this is something that can span so many age ranges from little kids all the way up to pre-teens.  Climbing frames can be brilliant for helping build confidence in your kids as well as just getting their bodies moving.  Some kids just love to hang upside down, climb and move and having something in your garden to help with that can be such a help to these active kids.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on huge wooden ones, there’s some really good cheaper alternatives too.  Here’s some more ideas.


Who doesn’t love swings eh?  That feel of the air in your face and just letting the world fade away while you try and swing higher and higher!  Having your own swing in the garden, whether that be a tree swing or a traditional swing set can provide tonnes of fun for kids.


I don’t know what it is about sandpits, but they can keep toddlers amused for ages!  Making sandcastles, pouring sand, making it wet, making patterns, it’s all good fun and something that can be incorporated into even the smallest of gardens.  Make sure you get something that can be covered up easily.

Ride on toys and bikes

As part of the world of make believe or just for pure fun, ride on toys can give little kids a reason to go outside.  You can go for small ride ons, bikes, or even electric cars which are quite fun and cheap nowadays.  As part of encouraging a life long love of the outdoors and staying active, learning to ride a bike is something I think all kids should do – balance bikes are a good way to get kids to learn the skills all by themselves.

Water guns

Hot summer days call for water play and water guns are a great way to bring that in to your garden.  You can even get really strong water blasters that big kids and teens will love to have fun with.  For smaller kids I recommend the smaller guns though!  Combine it with a paddling pool and you’ll be having a great cool down activity for the height of summer.

Bubble machines

Bubbles are so magical and sometimes it’s these simple things that make the best outdoor toys!  You can get some fab bubble machines nowadays but there’s still a lot to be said for simply having a bottle of bubble mixture, a bubble wand and blowing.  Can keep kids happy for ages while getting fresh air at the same time!

Bug hunting kits

Having some toys and kits on hand in your garden to learn about the outside world and the nature right there in your garden is a great idea.  It brings in science to kids at a young age, but really it can just be fascinating to learn about and explore.  Have some magnifying glasses and bug pots to hand or get a small mini beast kit and book.  You can see some recommendations here.

Ball games

Everyone loves ball games and if you have a large garden then setting up some football nets could encourage some great team games to happen!  Doesn’t have to be football though, you could attach a basketball net to the side of the house or a garage, great for hand to eye co-ordination, or if you’ve a really small garden why not get a swing ball set!  These are all great ideas for older kids garden toys too.

Space hoppers

This one I have to include because I have such fond memories of playing in the garden with mine when I was a kid!  With my mum head on it’s an excellent toy to make kids move and be more active, but for a kid it’s just a heap of fun.  If you have more than one you can even race them!


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