What are the best kids swimming goggles?

Whether you’re off on holiday with a swimming pool, splashing in the paddling pool outside or just having some random water play, goggles can definitely help some children be more comfortable as they won’t be worried about getting water in their eyes.  Here’s some of the best kids swimming goggles around at the moment which means you’ll have some on hand for whenever some water play takes their fancy or, of course, a trip to the local swimming pool!

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What to look for in children’s swimming goggles?

Goggles are an essential bit of swimming kit for any trip abroad or splash around in a pool – but as any parent knows, they’re easily lost so getting a pair  that is not only good, but which doesn’t break the bank is a good plan!

Here’s what you should be looking for with goggles for kids:

  • Inexpensive
  • UV protection
  • Easily adjustable strap
  • Anti fog
  • Comfortable
  • Bright colours so they don’t get lost easily!


Best toddler swim goggles

If your child is younger than 6 then it might be worth going for a pair of goggles much more suited to the very young.  Sometimes the junior goggles (as linked to below) will fit fine, so think about the size of your child.  If they’re petite then the toddler goggles might be worth trying and if they are a little bigger for their age, try the kids/junior sizes.

Zoggs Kid’s Little Super Seal Goggles

Suitable for ages 0-6 this is a great set of first goggles for toddlers and even babies.

They have the advantage of having UV protection so you can also be sure then on a sunny day your little one’s eyes will be protected.

The lenses are anti fog so it’s one less thing to be worried about when in the water and the strap is easily adjustable.

In short they’re an excellent bit of kit for new swimmers who won’t want the faff of some goggles out there.  Sized perfectly for small children they’ll really help get that first lot of confidence in the water!

And last but not least – what I love about these goggles are the price.  They’re a really good inexpensive pair, especially if you’re not sure how your child will take to swimming and playing in water.

To find out more about these goggles and the current price click here.


Aqua Sphere Seal Kids 2 Swimming Goggles

For older toddlers from the age of around 3, these goggles are another good choice.

They don’t fit around the eyes like traditional goggles do, and that can irritate some people, but rather fit around the face a little bit like a snorkel mask.  This provides a nice comfortable experience for kids.

I love the bright colours that these come in – in total there are around 9 colour choices!  If you have more than one kid and they all need different goggles these would be great!

Aqua Sphere have a really good side adjusters too that means you can get the goggles to the right size with no fuss at all.

Overall a really great choice for young kids!

Check out the latest price and colour choices here.



What are the best kids swimming goggles?

The following are some of what I think are the best goggles for kids at the moment.  Sometimes you’ll hear them called junior goggles and generally the suit kids aged 6-14 or thereabouts.  The brands are all well known and come highly recommended.  If I’ve missed any out that you love do let me know!

Zoggs Panorama Swimming Goggles

I’m going to start with these goggles by Zoggs.  If you’re looking for cheap kids goggles but that actually work well, are comfortable and from a well respected brand, these ones should be top of your list.

One of the main features of these are the fact that they provide a much more panoramic view for your child, so they can see much better.

They also have a really nice and easy adjustable strap and come in a variety of colours to suit your child.

To see the current price of these goggles click here.


Speedo Junior Futura Biofuse Goggles

The goggles by Speedo are another excellent choice.  Speedo make some really good goggles and these have great reviews.

Again these are junior size and will be good from the age of 6 until teenage years.  Some say that they’re also good for slightly younger, so if you have children who are approaching age 6 it might be worth looking at these rather than goggles for younger kids.

Like the Zoggs these are easily adjustable and provide UV protection – useful for days playing in the sun and swimming outside.

They are also extremely comfortable and Speedo have designed them so that kids can swim comfortably and they adapt to your face easily.

Available in a variety of colour combinations as well including some bright ones like above that won’t get lost!

Click here to see the latest price and reviews.


i-Swim Pro Goggles

If your kids are getting older and you’re looking for something that will transition well in to teenage and then adult years then these are a great choice.  An american brand that has a lot of fans over in the UK, these goggles are suitable from the age of approximately 10 years.

If your kids do lots of swimming these would be excellent, although at a higher price point than the others, and with the less than bright colours, might be easily lost!

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