Choosing the best kites for kids to have windy day fun

Flying kites always seems to be an autumn activity for me, it just always seems to be when I think about it – possibly because we don’t live in a really windy area.  Of course it’s a great activity for if you’re camping or off to the beach and really a year round activity if you can find the wind.  Today I’m looking at the best kites for kids to get the most out of those windy days.

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What to look for when buying kites for children

If you’ve never flown a kite before and want something for complete beginners then always look for a single line kite.  These are kites that, as the name suggests, have just one line – although they don’t have to be boring and there are still many variations on this kind.  Most of the kites on this page are this kind.

Kites don’t have to be expensive either, my favourite childhood memories were of flying a plastic bag attached to a bit of string!  But when buying a kite, especially if you’re not sure of how well you’ll all love it or get on with it, I’d definitely suggest sticking with the budget price options and thankfully they are still pretty good kites for the money that are well reviewed as you can see here.

Always make sure you have lots of space for flying your kite – an open playing field or the beach are perfect to give you and the kids enough space.  Make sure there are no power lines ahead as well – common sense, but worth repeating!

What are the best kites for kids? – our reviews

Best pocket kites

Pocket kites do what they say on the tin – they fit nicely in your pocket or in your bag for some impromptu fun.  If you want to have something available for those days when the weather is perfect kite flying weather then I’d suggest a pocket kite.

The pocket parafoil kite is a really good, inexpensive kite for kids and beginners to try out.  It works well in strong wings and is great to take along to the beach.  It comes with it’s own little nylon bag which means that you’ll not worry about it getting all tangled up when not in use.

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Best kite for beginners

If you’re looking for a slightly bigger, more ‘proper’ kite than a little pocket one then I suggest this rainbow kite.  It’s a good size but it’s still an easy kite to learn to fly even if you only have a light breeze.

I love the colours of this one and the shape just looks really elegant while flying – it just can’t fail to bring a smile to both adults and little ones!

Price wise it’s really a reasonable cost for the quality of what you get and the fact that it is such a good kite.  It’s suitable for a wide age range too – even young children can grab hold and have fun with it.

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Best kite for older kids and teens

For older kids and teens who might be looking for a little bit of a challenge why not try out this beach kite?

This beach kite looks really impressive, but it’s still an easy kite to get the hang of.  It’s a two line kite, meaning that you control it using two different lines so a bit different from the other basic kites.  It’s 1.3m in length so not a tiny kite either.  For older kids who are wanting something to challenge them and to help build another skill it’s a really good choice.

The wind inflates it as it goes up so it doesn’t need any further rods or lines and as such it’s a really lightweight kite, perfect for packing in the suitcase for holidays or even for storing in the car for an impromptu day out.

You want to make sure you’ve got some good space around you when flying though as it can come down quite hard!

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