Best sand and water table for toddlers and kids

Sand and water are two things that will captivate toddlers for a long time which is definitely something to be cherished!  So a sand and/or water table is a great investment when looking for a toy for little ones.   Most tables can be kept inside for cold weather play, but really they are brilliant as garden toys because your toddler can really let loose and have fun without worrying about making a mess.  In this article I’m looking at the best sand and water table for toddlers that are on the market today.

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How to choose a good sand and water table

You’ll want to bear a few things in mind when looking at these play tables.  As much as I’m a budget conscious (i.e. tight) mum it’s worth looking to spend a bit more on these and not going for the absolute cheapest around.  Cheap tends to mean not very sturdy and when you have toddlers who may be still a bit unsteady on their feet and a pile of water and sand, you can probably imagine the consequences!

  • Look for a good quality brand with a sturdy plastic frame
  • how important are toys being included?  If not included you may have to buy more
  • size may be a concern if you might want to bring it indoors in winter or if you have more than one child
  • a cover is a good idea to keep everything clean and free of bugs

Best sand and water table for toddlers – our reviews

With all those points to bear in mind, here’s our thoughts on some of the best play tables that can have either sand, water or both!

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Little tikes are well known for their good quality and robust outdoor toys and this pirate ship is no different.  This is just a water play table with no separate area for sand although I guess it could hold sand instead of water if you wanted.  I think water is the best bet with this style though.

There are lots of spinning features that come to life with the addition of water – you can keep it moving by using the pump or by pouring water from the crows nest.  There are mini slides, pourers, buckets and sieves to add to the water fun play.  It provides hours of fun.

It is quite large but it’s easily emptied so can be moved around or indoors if needed.  It’s also one of the more expensive items in this list, but I also have found Little Tikes has good resale value once your kids grow out of them.

You can see more about the Pirate Ship on Amazon here


Smoby Sand and Water Table Toys

This is one of my favourites that can hold both sand and water.  It’s a really great, well thought out design with lots of features that mums and dads will love.  For example, the trays that keep the sand in can be fully removed to give them a wash.  This is great, especially if you want to use it for something like some messy play, because you can be sure to clean it easily either by hosing down or just washing like normal.

Another feature that I like as a mum is that it can also be used as a regular table by using the covers.  That means if your child wants to draw while outside or just use it to play with toy cars, they don’t have to get in to the sand and water if they don’t want to.

It’s sturdy and well built and it also comes with a few toys too – you might find you’ll want some extras but it does come with a couple.

Overall I love this one and, although not the cheapest, it’s not too expensive either!

Check out the latest price and reviews here.


4 in 1 sand and water play table

This is a fairly budget table which still comes highly recommended and also comes with quite a few accessories too.  The table divides in to 4 different parts which means you can separate some sand and water or have it fully one or the other.  It’s great for more than one child at a time as they can have their own little spot that’s theirs to play in.

The table comes with some attachments such as a digger and a rotating wheel and it also has some accessories like a watering can, bucket, scoop and rake which means you get pretty much all you need to get started (doesn’t come with sand though – you’ll need to get that separate).

Finally this one also comes with two stools to allow your kids to sit down while playing.  Each section has a plug hole to allow for easy emptying and moving from inside to outside if needed.

Overall this is a good choice if you want both sand and water play and you’re on a budget.

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Sand and Water fold away play table

This table is a neat idea.  Basically it has leaves that can have the water portion of your toddler’s play and you can fold that over the centre part when not in use.  Don’t be completely fooled by the name of this one – it doesn’t fully fold away and the legs need to be removed manually rather than folded.  I do think it’s a good design either way.

It comes with just a few accessories – a rake and spade and also some attachments that add on to the table.  You could happily use this for just sand, just water or both.

It should also be noted that although the side trays provide cover for the sand it’s not fully airtight so rain or bugs could still get in.

Check out the latest price here

daAO Sand and Water table with chair and lid

Finally we have another good budget option.  This one from deAO also comes with a lid that means that the table can double up as a regular desk and a chair too.  This is great for cold weather when the kids spend more time inside if you have space for it.

Although this does have space in the middle for sand it’s only a small space that can have it and keep it separate.  I think I prefer this table as more of a water table but your mileage may vary!

It comes with quite a few little toys and accessories as well making this a really good value water table – there’s spades, rakes, buckets and much more.

You can see more reviews of this table on Amazon here.

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