What’s the best sandpit for toddlers and kids?

Sandpits are perfect summers day toys for toddlers and young children and I bet you’re like me and can remember the days when you played with them when you yourself were young!  They seem to be timeless toys and can keep children occupied for hours – always a winner with me!  So what’s the best sandpit for toddlers?  Have a read and I’ll go through some of the more popular items on the market right now.

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What to look for when buying a sandpit

best sandpit for kids

Buying a sandpit sounds like it must be the easiest thing in the world!  However there are a few things that I think are worth bearing in mind when looking to invest.

  • Do you want a small and moveable sandpit?
  • Do you want something with an inbuilt shade?
  • Does the sandpit have a base or do you need to buy a tarpaulin?
  • Does the sandpit have a cover to protect from weather, cats and other animals?
  • Is it solid and likely to last for sometime in the outdoors – cheap plastic might go brittle and break and may be a false economy.
  • Remember to also budget for buying play sand as it almost always is an extra.


Best sandpit for toddlers and kids – our reviews

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

I’m a big fan of the Little Tikes outdoor toys for many reasons but the main one has to be that they last.  Plastic toys outside doesn’t always equal longevity but I do find that Little Tikes last quite a while.

The turtle sand box also has another thing going for it – price.  It’s the cheapest of the products on this page yet I think still a great option.

It’s a round shape with inbuilt seats where the turtles flippers are so easy to sit and play in.  The shell doubles up as lid although it doesn’t clip anywhere so I’d be careful in high winds and perhaps get something to sit on top to keep it in place.

A simple design but one that will definitely appeal to lots!

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Plum Store It Outdoor Play Wooden Sand Pit

If you’re at all worried about the sand pit breaking easily then getting a nice solid wooden one is probably on your mind.  I really like this one from Plum which includes everything you need, is sturdy and looks really nice too.  I reckon it will last a lifetime if taken care of!

This design has an inbuilt box that you can store toys in and when it’s open it can be used as a seat for the kids to sit on while playing.  I really like that it keeps the toys separate like that and it makes it nice and easy to be kept clean and tidy at the end of each play session.

This sand pit also comes with a ground sheet that keeps the sand from escaping but also keeps it from allowing weeds to grow through.  For the top there’s a cover that will keep it all nice and clean ready for each use.

For the price I really like this one and feel like it’s a good quality yet simple design that should fit nicely in most gardens.  The size is approximately 102cm x 96cm and comes flat packed for assembly at home.

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Wooden Garden Sandpit with shade and seats

If you’re concerned about the kids being in direct sunlight then a sand pit with a shade is a great idea.  This one is a nice design that isn’t too big but does require you to decide where it is going to be as it’s not something that will be easily moved once in place.

The sand pit has a really nicely designed shade which can get moved down and used as a cover for the sand pit when not in use.  It comes flat packed and ready to be assembled and also has a tarpaulin included for under the sand.

The size when assembled is 110 x 110 x 120 cm.

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Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Sand tables are great fun and can be a great choice for a small patio area or somewhere that requires it being put away at the end of the day (for more sand and water table ideas see my post here).

This sand table is a really sturdy and great for small kids.  It has a cover that can double as a small road/racing track for using with cars or other toys – I love dual use toys so this is great!  The cover is attached with elastic which keeps it in place nicely and away from any animals that might like it!

Being a smaller item than a traditional sandpit this requires much less play sand to fill it up – something that might be worth considering if cost of filling is putting you off.

The assembled size is H = 42cm, W = 91cm, D = 66cm.

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Wooden Sandbox with Veranda

This is another one that is great for a larger garden and incorporates another play area as well as the sand pit.  If the kids don’t want to get all sandy one day then they can still get lots of use out of the veranda area which is shaded and great for sunny days.  The shade has a UV protection rating of 50 which can give some peace of mind on those days when you’re worrying about the sun.

The sand pit fits underneath the veranda and can be pulled out when needed or stored underneath when not.  The whole unit is easily transportable with wheels so can be put in different areas.

The size is 130 x 130 x 143 cm and the sand box dimensions are 95 x 95 x 20cm.  It’s self assembly and you would need to buy a separate tarpaulin for underneath the sand as it’s not included.

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