Best water bottle for kids – for trips and for lunch boxes!

Staying hydrated when out and about is a must for us all, but especially for kids.  We’re forming good habits by getting them active and outside, so let’s keep that going by encouraging them to drink more!  One way of doing this is by having their own personal water bottle that they can either carry themselves, or just that they know is theirs.  There’s so many to choose from these days so today I’m looking at the best water bottle for kids that is not only leakproof but also fun and easy to use.  These are also great to have as a school water bottle so if you’re looking for school water bottles they’ll be good too.  Let’s take a look:

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Choosing the best water bottle for kids

There’s a couple of things to consider when buying children’s water bottles especially if they are to be used when on the go as opposed to just sitting in a lunch box (although if you can get one to be good for both that’s a bonus!).

First of all you need something easy to use.  There’s no point in getting something fancy, or with a brand name if it’s not also going to be simple for a child to use even at a young age.

Secondly it needs to be leak proof.  No matter what you’re using it for, whether it’s hiking or biking, you’ll be disappointed to find it has leaked all over your bag!

And finally, some other points – it should be small enough for tiny hands but big enough to hold a nice amount of water.  Too big and it will be too heavy, if you’re hoping for your child to carry it this will be a concern.  Fun colours and prints are nice to have as well, but they are last on my list once the other points are met.


best water bottle for kids


Updated July 2019 – I’ve updated this article for 2019, hope you find it useful for choosing a bottle for your kids!


Best child water bottle

Aladdin Systems Aveo Water Bottle

This water bottle from Aladdin is a really good option for kids and I like it for a number of reasons.  First of all it’s not too expensive which means if it gets lost then it’s not too big a deal – this makes it my choice for the best water bottle for school and lunch boxes!

I like that there is an open spout for drinking through as well meaning that you don’t have to suck, pull, bite or anything else to get a drink – simply pour, although very young toddlers might not find it so easy.

It’s available in a couple of designs too – a pink one as seen here and also a blue version with a plane and holds 330 ml of liquid.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good spout for easy drinking
  • BPA free plastic


  • might not be so good for toddlers

See more about this item and the range here



Chilly’s Water bottle

Here we have a plastic free water bottle that is really great for days out or for in the lunch box.  I’m a big fan of the Chilly’s brand and I love that they keep water and drinks really cool even in warm weather.  They don’t have a specific kids chilly’s bottle, but they do have some smaller 260ml bottles and of course they have an array of really nice and fun designs.  I think these would be great for older kids too and they should last a long time.



  • Completely plastic free
  • keeps drinks really cold
  • good for older kids who might want something a bit more grown up – looks really smart
  • lightweight


  • just a normal bottle – no special kid drinking quirks (this may not be a con!)
  • no hanging loops


See the range of designs and latest price on Amazon here



Camelbak Kid’s Drink bottle

Camelback are makers of adult water bottles, are a reputable brand and their kids water bottle is a great addition to their range.

Their bottles have an inbuilt straw in the lid which flips up when you want to take a drink.  You then have to bite it to open the valve and let the liquid come through.  It’s actually very easy for very young children to get the hang of and can mean no spilling on clothes!

There are so many designs to choose from as well so if you want to have some different ones for each kid there are lots to choose from!  The bottle size is 400 ml.


  • leak proof design
  • lots of colour and design options
  • BPA free


  • some kids might find the drinking mechanism a little fiddly (some practice makes it ok in my experience though)

See more about this item on Amazon here


Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle for kids

If you’re at all worried about using plastic with kids then you’ll likely be looking for a stainless steel bottle.  Klean Kanteen make some excellent water bottles that are really high quality food grade stainless steel and which don’t have any aftertaste.  Some people disagree, but my personal experience is that these don’t alter the taste of the water.

This children’s water bottle is made specifically for kids and is small, just 355ml and comes in a variety of colours as well as the classic brushed metal look.  This one has a sports bottle top to it which means it’s easy to use, although it does also mean that it can leak easily.  If you don’t want a sports top you could always buy a replacement lid, or there’s even a sippy cup model that would be good for toddlers – check it out here.

It’s again in the more expensive price bracket, but ideal if you’re looking to cut out plastic in your kids lives.


  • lots of colour options
  • Plastic free


  • metal bottles are more expensive than plastic
  • best if attached to the outside so it doesn’t leak

See what the range is like on Amazon here


OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle

This is a really good child’s water bottle from OXO.  I love the design of it and it’s a really simple, leak proof product.  Basically there is an inbuilt straw in the lid and a twistable cap.  When you untwist it the straw pops up ready for drinking and when you close it up the straw gets contained in the lid meaning it’s spill proof and there’s no dirt or germs getting on it.

It holds 300ml of liquid and is a good shape for kids.  The only downside for me is that it’s a little boring in design.


  • BPA free
  • contained straw which keeps it clean
  • inexpensive


  • a bit of a boring design


See more about this item on Amazon here


Contigo Kids Trekker Autoseal bottle

This bottle from Contigo has a really innovative design which looks like it could be complicated but is actually really simple to use.  What happens is that there is a button on the lid which when pressed allows the water to flow out.  It’s even simple enough for toddlers to use.

It comes in a variety of colours and can hold 420ml of liquid so one of the biggest bottles on this page.


  • BPA free
  • simple to use even with one hand


  • on the expensive side

See the colour options and latest price on Amazon here





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