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Every year I get so excited to see what new toys and ride ons come out and what catches my kids eyes.  This year it’s definitely been the Ezy Roller.  It’s one of those toys that are so simple that you can’t believe how much of a hit they are going to be really – sometimes simple really does win the day!  If you’re looking in to what these toys do then I hope you find my Ezy Roller review helpful.  They truly are a really fab toy for such a wide range of ages and as such something I really recommend!

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Our Ezy roller review

I’m looking at the Classic Ezy Roller in the main here – scroll down for some info on the differences in the many kinds of ezy rollers out there.

I love the Ezy Roller for the fact that it’s a little bit different.  It’s not like some of the other items available for this age group, like stunt scooters or skateboards – it’s truly unique.  It’s great for getting kids to use muscles, develop co-ordination and all of those great things too, but most of all it’s a really fun item and if you have older kids you’ll know that it’s hard to always hit that sweet spot of something fun, cool and also not overly expensive or electronic too!

So what is an Ezy Roller then?  Well some liken it to a go kart and certainly with the seating position it does resemble one of those, BUT it doesn’t have any pedals.  So how does it go?  Well, what you do is move the wheels from side to side using a kind of ‘snake’ movement and it allows the Ezy Roller to move forward and backwards.  It’s a really good work out and in my experience kids manage to get the hang of it really quickly.


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Safe and fun

The Ezy Roller has the child at a low height at all times, meaning that they have a really low centre of gravity.  What this means its that it’s an extremely safe item for them to be playing with – you’ll not get falls from a great height with it and it shouldn’t overturn!  I say shouldn’t rather than won’t as we all know how kids are for testing limits!  I highly doubt they could do it though.

It’s made from a really sturdy and strong tubular metal too and is a really high quality bit of kit.  It’s always a bit hit and miss with kids toys like this and sometimes you can buy something and be amazed at the low quality – not so with these.  They’ll last for many years and through many kids if you have them!

A wide age range of fun

I’m all about good value on Get Kids Outside and I love when good quality toys will last for years – it means I have way less qualms about paying out for them.  The Ezy Roller states that it’s suitable from 4 years old all the way up to 14+ so it’s not only great for longevity, but it’s also good if you have a wide range of kids who might be using it.  It comes with frame extensions for this purpose and for the bigger and taller kids.

Oh and it also comes in a wide range of colours too!


Ezy Roller Specs and features

  • for ages 4-14+ years
  • weight limit – 75kg
  • strong tubular frame
  • scooter style wheels
  • no pedals, chain or drive
  • frame extension for resizing for older kids
  • Length 70-98cm, Width 43.5cm, Height 34.5cm
  • Weight 5.80kg


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EzyRoller Classic v Drifter v Pro- what’s the difference?

There’s a few different versions of the EzyRoller out there – the classic is the basic one and is linked to above but there’s also the Drifter and the Pro.  What’s the difference?

Let’s start with the Drifter:

The drifter is pretty much the same as the classic Ezy Roller apart from one thing – the back wheels.  This one has special wheels that allows the kart to drift around so a little bit more fun and probably something that will appeal to older kids!

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Ezy Roller Pro:

This one is again, pretty similar to the Classic but this one is designed for adults too!  An Ezy Roller for adults?  Perfect!  So this one is more robust and can handle user weights up to 90kg and the frame is larger (92 – 112 cm length) too.  This is ideal if your kids are at the older age range and want something to last or if you think you’ll be hitting the upper limit of ages.  Or if as a parent you want a go too!

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I think you can probably guess that I have a lot of time for this toy and feel that it’s one of the better ones out there.  It’s not overly expensive in comparison to other similar toys like bikes, go karts or scooters and it’s such a fun item!  I really recommend it whether you have old or young kids.


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