How nature can help your new homeschool plans

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I hope you’re all keeping well and safe.  I know it’s all a tricky time right now so I want to send you some love and best wishes!


We’ve been really lucky recently to have had a decent few days worth of weather so I hope you’ve been able to take advantage of it with your kids.

If you’re trying to homeschool in this time and keep some normality the warm weather can be a hindrance so I wanted to help with some ideas that will keep you sane in this time.


Nature and homeschooling


Nature lends itself so well to homeschooling.  No matter which subject you might be trying to teach you can probably skew it to learning outside and enjoying your garden.



  • counting everything!
  • finding patterns and shapes
  • measuring
  • recording and making graphs



  • read stories in the garden – nice and easy!
  • test each other on flower or bug names and how to spell them
  • make up poems about what you see
  • write stories about the adventures you can have in nature and what friends you can make



  • grow seeds
  • record the weather each day
  • dissect some plants and see what different parts do
  • draw pictures of the nature seen each day




Nature journals


One thing we used to love doing in the past was creating a nature journal with our kids.  It helps with writing practice, drawing and of course concentration!  You don’t need to tell them that though!


You don’t need anything special to do it – just some paper and pencils.  A nice specific notebook can be good but at this time it might not be easy to get hold of.


  • Each day sit in the garden and encourage your child to find something to draw
  • they can do an up close picture or a big scene
  • find out some facts about what you’ve drawn and write them in
  • younger children can just practice their writing with the name of what they saw


I’m working on making some printable nature journal sheets this week – I hope by next time I write to you they’ll be ready!



Keep walking!

Are your kids itching to walk every day with you or are they getting bored?

Here are some ideas to make a nature walk fun with your kids



Until next time, take care, stay safe and speak soon




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