And breathe… Ideas to keep your kids happy and healthy at this time

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Hi there!


I know that life is really a little crazy right now and perhaps your inbox is going crazy too with emails from all over.  Add in the fact that kids are now going to be home from school and it might feel like a never ending nightmare.


Please, take a moment, and breathe!


I’m here for you at Get Kids Outside and starting today I’m going to be sending out weekly tips and ideas here in my newsletter.  I hope that they’ll be helpful, but mostly I hope that you’ll feel a little less alone in all of this.

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So what’s my idea for this week, the week when schools have been advised to close?


Try and get outside


Ok, hear me out.  I know it sounds like a super simple thing but we don’t know for how long we’ll be able to head to the local park, beach or wooded area with our kids.  Let’s take a moment now and enjoy the fact that we can do this.


  • Go somewhere with plenty of space
  • Remember social distancing – super important!
  • remember that toilets may not be open so don’t go too far from home
  • take some hand gel, soapy water in a spray bottle or wipes to keep clean while out and about
  • Wash your hands before going out and once you get home
  • keep an eye on Government guidelines in case this changes


Do remember to stay in if you or any of your family are showing symptoms though – this is important!


Where should you get out to?

  • Beaches
  • large parks
  • woods
  • moorlands
  • National Trust gardens and outdoor spaces (for now they are open and free – check their social media or website before making the trip though)
  • A walk around your neighbourhood (this will be a great thing to try and incorporate daily to keep your sanity going forward!)


Perhaps give a miss:

  • local play parks – the equipment will unlikely be sanitised and could be a risk
  • anywhere likely to have crowds


A fun local idea:

If you’re on social media you may have seen this – people are getting their kids to put pictures of rainbows in their windows so that when having a walk around the neighbourhood you can look out for them and spot what people have made.


I love this because it’s crafty which kids love – you can do it in any way you want.  Drawing, painting, sewing, maybe even a collage of some recycling could work.


I also love the community aspect of it – kids can feel like they are making a difference an keeping in contact too.  So important in these times.


There’s a Facebook group to find out more here – it’s not my group but am happy to share!



Buying some new garden toys?


As the weeks ahead loom closer I’ll be sending out some more ideas about what you can do as a family to stay active and have fun.


One thing that you might already be considering is some garden toys for your kids to help them stay active outside.  Here are some buying guides that you may find useful:


Climbing Frames



Sand and Water Tables




Thanks for sticking by our website in these tough times – I hope you know that you can always hit reply and I’ll be there to listen and chat if you need it.


Please do share this email with anyone you think could benefit from it – there’s no secrets in here so I’m happy for it to be shared on social or just between friends.


Take care, stay safe and speak soon




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