SmarTrike review – 4 in 1 Swing

When my children were younger (much younger!) they loved to be pushed around by us and their grandparents on one of these trikes. There’s quite a few models around but one of the better ones is this one by SmarTrike and it’s a really popular option. Here’s my SmarTrike review of the 4 in 1 Swing if you’re thinking of getting one to help your little one get outside more!

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Our SmarTrike Review

I love these baby trikes for a couple of reasons but the main one is that it promotes independence in your kids.  If you like to be outside as much as possible or perhaps you take lots of walks with your kids, just using a pushchair might be the easiest way.  But if you want something a bit different and something that will be fun for your child to use then a trike can get them more involved!

The SmarTrike is a great brand and I really love that it grows with your child so it makes the purchase much easier as you know it will get a lot of use.

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4 in 1 Trike – grows with your child

As I just said, the SmarTrike grows with your child and it can be used from as early as 10 months old all the way up to 3+ years.

Stage one of the trike has your baby strapped in to the trike with a really secure harness, padded seat and foot rests.

Stage two is from around 18 months and still has the handle attached but the child is now in the plastic seat with a helpful barrier round to keep your little one from falling off.

Stage three is from about 24 months – your child can learn to pedal while you still have some control.

Stage four (30 – 36 months) sees the handle come off and your child learning to ride the trike on their own.


Safety features

Another thing I like about the SmarTrike is the innovative features of it that keeps it being a really safe toy for you and your kids.

It has a sun canopy which is great for keeping kids protected from the sun and you can also close the safety clutch so that your kids feet don’t get hurt as you’re pushing the trike along (it stops the pedals turning as you move).

Having the storage bag that attaches to the handle as well as the parents bag means you can also bring all you need for your toddler out and about with you.


Features and Specification of the SmarTrike

  • Comes in both blue and pink varieties
  • From 10 months old
  • 4 stages
  • washable, padded seat cover
  • navigator button to switch from parent steering to child
  • UV canopy


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Overall if you’re looking for a good quality and innovative product for your child to use as they grow then you’ll probably really love the SmarTrike.  It has all you need to get your baby used to being outside and ready to be more independent and learn to ride the trike themselves as they grow in to a toddler.

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