Spider webs in the rain

spiders webs on a rainy day walk

On rainy days it can be hard to think of ways to get the kids outside at all.  Keep checking back in our rainy days category for more ideas if the weather fails you.

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Spiders.  Some kids love them, some hate them.  But one thing that can generally be agreed on is the beauty of a spiders web.  Catching them on a drizzly day or just after the rain has stopped (hah!) is best.


Take a walk and…

  • see how many you can find
  • do they all look the same?  how many different kinds can you see?
  • where is the craziest place you can find a web?
  • can you capture one on camera? (it’s harder than you think!)
  • perhaps you could draw a picture for a nature journal.
  • can you spot the spider?


Image courtesy of cfwee.  Flickr.

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