Star gazing – Perseid Meteor Shower

stargazing with kids

There’s nothing like gazing up at the stars to while away an hour or so on an evening.  It can make you feel so small and insignificant, but in a good way!  In August there is an amazing meteor shower that comes round each year called the Persei Meteor Shower.  (or more likely in this house they get called Percy wotsits!)

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This year, in 2016, the peak of the shower is from August 12th to August 13th so if it’s clear skies then do have a look outside.

  • Make an evening of it perhaps?
  • Grab a picnic blanket and lay on the ground looking at the sky.
  • Maybe set up a tent in the back garden and have a proper evening outside.
  • Or just wrap up warm with blankets and sit on the chairs and have a good natter while looking at the stars!

While you’re out there you can try and identify some constellations.  Two of the easiest ones I think there are to find are the Plough, which is like a giant scoop, and Cassiopeia which is a little bit like a W.  I think this year I’ll aim for us to recognise something new.  We’ll take it a little bit at a time!!

The BBC have a good guide on their site too which, if you’re like me is great as I need all the help I can get when it comes to stars!  But really spotting a shooting star is easy and oh so satisfying, so when they predict up to 60 an hour you’ve got to give it a go and see if you can see some eh?  Plenty of opportunities to make a wish as well.

I’d love to know i you see any, do comment or keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter!

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