Tips and ideas for gardening with kids

Getting children involved with how the garden looks, what you grow and any jobs there are to do is a great way to get them outside in all different seasons.  Gardening with kids can be a wonderful activity that everyone can get involved in no matter what their ages.

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Gardening ideas for children to get involved with

Planning a vegetable patch

Getting kids involved with growing vegetables and fruit is a brilliant way of not only teaching them about where food comes from, but also can help fussy eaters to try new things.

Depending on the age of your kids you can involve them in all stages from planning what you’ll grow, mapping out your vegetable beds, ordering seeds (kids love the names of the different varieties)

Planning a wildlife friendly area

This can include building bird houses and feeding areas, a wild flower patch or just an area that you let get really overgrown.  Involving kids in the planning can be great fun as they work out how to attract beneficial insects, creating the right habitats and also learning about the food chain as you try to invite predators of some pests.

Building a pond

Whether as part of a larger wildlife friendly patch or simply because you want to have some fish, building a pond is another great garden activity to involve kids in.  If you can attract frogs you’ll have the added benefit of being able to learn about their lifecycle.

Making a bird scarer to keep them away from the vegetable patch

If you’re worried about birds coming close and eating your hard earned veggies then building a scarer might be a good idea.  Go big and make a full grown scarecrow or just string some old cds up around where you want to keep them away from your seedlings.

Have a growing competition

Growing sunflowers is a good way to add a bit of competition to your gardening.  Get everyone to plant a seed at the same time and mark which one belongs to which person and see which one grows the tallest!

Kids gardening activities

Despite popular belief, kids do like to be involved, to be useful and if done right they’ll be happy helping out with the following gardening activities and chores.  So if you want the kids to go in the garden, but they need some direction for some jobs to do maybe try:

  • watering the plants
  • taking scraps to the composter
  • finding worms for the wormery or compost bin (see here for more ideas on wormeries)
  • collecting fruit that is ripe
  • removing weeds from the path
  • raking leaves
  • put food out for the birds

other fun activities might include:

  • a colour treasure hunt – how many colours of the rainbow can you find in the garden?
  • measuring the tallest plants
  • picking some flowers for inside or for a gift
  • learning about the bugs in the garden and what are helpful or not
  • measuring rainfall

What things have your kids enjoyed while gardening?

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