Week one done! Now what?

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So we’re a week in to home schooling our kids – normality feels like a lifetime ago doesn’t it?

I hope you’re all doing well and not stressing too much about it – if you need any help on the home schooling front please do give me an email as my kids were home educated all their lives and if I can help calm any nerves or give ideas I’d be glad to.


This week has been tricky.  What can we do with our kids to keep them happy and healthy?


Daily walks


Last week it seemed everyone wanted to make the most of time outside and did just that – but  it freaked people out who felt like it wasn’t being taken seriously.

Now the advice is to stay home and only have one daily trip outside for exercise.


So, we can still get out for a walk and I really encourage you to make this a habit with your kids. Here are some ideas to make them more interesting:

  • do a scavenger hunt – have an idea of things to find and look while taking in some fresh air
  • listen for bird calls
  • adopt a favourite tree and look out for changes due to weather and the seasons



Garden ideas:

We may well be stuck spending more time in our gardens now, if we have them, so I’d like to encourage you to think about how we can make them inviting places to be and play.


This week I’d like to encourage you to think about encouraging nature and birds in to your garden.  This could be a great activity for kids and gives them some focus on rainy days when they’re not able to be outside.


  • build a bird table or buy one online
  • start thinking about how and what to feed the birds
  • create a rota to remind kids to keep on top of the feeding
  • start a nature journal and record what comes to you


Here’s my guide with tips on feeding garden birds



Buying some new garden toys?


I shared these links last week but think it’s worth sharing again.  As controls get tighter it may be that any online orders will be harder to get hold of.  If you’re thinking about buying garden toys – now is the time.


Here are some buying guides that you may find useful:


Climbing Frames



Sand and Water Tables





Take care, stay safe and speak soon




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