What is the best Nerf gun ever for kids in 2020?

Playing and having a nerf gun battle is great fun for kids and is a good way to get them outside with their friends.  Nerf guns are safe, having foam bullets, but provide hours of happiness, chasing and then searching for the bullets afterwards!  It doesn’t have to be a team game either, look below for a great idea to get your kids practice shooting which they can do alone.  So, what is the best Nerf gun ever for kids?  Read on!

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The best Nerf gun for kids

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster – my first choice!

Okay, so why is this my top choice?  From a mum’s perspective here’s my reasons:

  • It’s not huge.  Believe me, some of these Nerf guns can take a whole lot of space, this one is nice and compact
  • it’s easy to use.  Sometimes the bullets can get stuck, but this one is super easy and fires well
  • It’s cheap – it’s available at the moment for under £15
  • It keeps my kids happy.  Not quiet, but happy.

The N-Strike Elite Strong-arm blaster can hold up to six darts and can fire them a distance of 75 ft so it means that you can fire a few at once which I think helps them get the most enjoyment out of it.

Of course they can be used inside as well as outside if you’re worried about losing all of the darts, but they are available in cheap packs as refills if you should ever need them – check them out below.

As a first Nerf gun this is a really great option for all the reasons above, but mainly because kids have such a lot of fun playing with them.  It’s one of the most popular toys and it receives a lot of good reviews.

Check out this item on Amazon here.


Other Nerf Gun Accessories you might need

Although certainly not needed, here’s some other ideas of things that will help make your Nerf gun play more exciting.

Extra Nerf Gun Bullets

No-one wants to run out of bullets but it eventually happens especially if you’re not the best at retrieving them at the end of play.  Getting a spare set to keep in the cupboard is a great plan.  My tip – don’t say you have them and only use them when you really need them and the originals can really not be found!

You can get generic darts or Nerf branded ones – check the reviews to see whether they are recommended before going for a cheaper set.  Some are good, some not so good!

They are quite cheap to have – you can get them on Amazon here.

Nerf target board

Getting a Nerf target practice set is a great idea if you want to extend the play life of the toys to more than just when your kids are with friends.  Having a target board means they can play on their own, or they can still play with their friends in a more civilised and quiet way!

This board features four flags which spin round when you hit it with the nerf dart.  It’s easily moveable to change the target range too.

You can find this product on Amazon here.

Nerf Gun Tactical Vest

To add a dressing up dimension to your Nerf battles, these tactical vests can be a lot of fun as well as being practical.  They can hold all your bullets and just make you look like you’re being serious!  For any child who is big into their Nerf battles this would be an excellent gift!  You’ll get some more bullets that go with the gun above too.

You can see more about this vest here.

Nerf Goggles

A pair of Nerf safety glasses can be an excellent idea if you’re worried about injuries.  Although Nerf guns are generally safe and we’ve never had an issue, it can be wise to just take a little bit of an extra precaution.  The good thing about these goggles is that they feel like they are part of the bigger outfit and combined with the tactical vest above, would definitely look great so kids won’t mind wearing them.  Again you get a few extra nerf darts alongside.

You can see more about this product here on Amazon.


Best Nerf Water Gun

good nerf gunsIf you’re looking for a water gun rather than a dart gun then Nerf also make those too.  I’ll be honest, we’ve had some not so great water guns from Nerf but the one below is a great option if you’re looking to get soaked!

Like I said before about my reasons for liking the gun above – this one is a reasonable price.  But the main reason that I like this one is that it works well.  I try and stay well out of the way when it’s in use, but my son and husband agree that it’s good!

If you’re looking for a good water gun then this one is worth a go!  Take a look on Amazon here.


New for Christmas – the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster

This is one of the newest Nerf guns around at the moment and it’s being touted as one of the must have toys for Christmas – so is it any good and is it worth the money?

Ok, first of all, what does this one do?  It’s a tri-strike blaster which means that it can shoot three different ways – you can shoot the elite darts, the mega darts and also the missile.  There’s quite a few ways it can be set up so your kids can have fun making the best combination of shooting set ups.

This one is suitable for kids over 8 and with the size of it I reckon would be appreciated by even big kids!  If you’re looking for a new nerf gun for Christmas it might be worth looking at.  Price wise it’s a higher range than my choice above, but if you have kids that collect Nerf guns, as mine did, it’s a good one to add to the collection!

Check it out on Amazon by clicking here