Helpful guide to the best kids trampoline in the UK plus our reviews

We all need to let off steam sometimes and on those days a bounce on a good trampoline can’t be beaten!  When looking for the best kids trampoline for your garden there’s quite a few things to consider and I wanted to share some of the things we found important when we were choosing.  There’s a section at the top of this article that might answer any questions you might have when investing in the right trampoline for your garden but do scroll on down if you are interested in the reviews!


Updated July 2019 – this article has been completely updated so you can be sure you’re finding the most up to date information on kids trampolines in the UK


Choosing the best kids trampoline

When you’re ready to start researching buying a trampoline for your kids you’ll want to bear in mind a few things:

  • how much space you have and whether you’ll want or need to move the trampoline
  • the age of your kids and also how many you have
  • whether you want a safety net or not
  • the shape of the trampoline – round, oval or rectangle
  • whether you want it in the ground or above the ground (the most popular option)
  • your budget

Thankfully the budget isn’t such a big issue any more and many of the products I’m looking at here in this trampoline review are really reasonable in cost.

Obviously the bigger the trampoline you get the more expensive it will be and if you’re on a budget then going for a better brand and a smaller size might be worth thinking about.  In saying that, there are certainly some great items out there if you’re looking for a budget trampoline for your garden so you may well be surprised.



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Tips to find the best kids trampoline

What is the best size trampoline?

Of course the answer to this depends on a few variables, not least what I mentioned at the beginning of the article.  If you have a toddler then getting a huge 14ft monster in your garden might not be the best plan of action!  Similarly, if you’ve older children then a small 4ft trampoline that is suitable indoors and out might not give the best value for money as they grow.

as a guide the following sizes are:

toddler size – self explanatory!!

smaller than 8ft – these sizes might have limited room for long term value, but again check the specs to see what ages and weights they’re suitable for.  Some very small trampolines are also good to bring indoors.

8ft  – good for younger children and small gardens.  Check weight limits if you’re hoping it will last until teenage years.

10ft – good for older children but still a reasonable size for smaller gardens.  A good size to get if you have a small garden but want a long lasting trampoline to get the best value.

12ft – is good if your garden is a little larger and again can be a good long term investment as it will be suitable even when teens.

14ft and larger – depends on the size of your garden!

Oval trampolines – also worth considering if you have a long narrow space, although they tend to be slightly more expensive.


What’s the safest trampoline?

All trampolines should conform to basic safety standards and if you buy new you should have no issues with buying a safe trampoline.  Of course there are risks with any of these outdoor toys, but thankfully there are ways to make them safer.

The risk of falling off can be mitigated by the purchase of a safety net for the outside.  Often these will come as part of product, but if it’s not consider getting one as they are an inexpensive way to ensure peace of mind.

Make sure that the springs are covered by a pad so that no injuries occur from those.  It’s also worth making sure you have some rules in place for playing on the trampoline too – having more than one child on at a time might be feel ok on larger trampolines, but it’s not so good on smaller ones and of course on any size it can increase the risk of injury.

When looking for a safe trampoline check out the reviews and buy from reputable brands.  It’s tempting to buy second hand, especially if you’re on a budget so if you do that again stick to well known brands and of course make sure that all pieces are there!



Best 10ft trampoline for kids

10ft is the size that is often thought of as the best garden trampoline size.  It’s great for a variety of gardens and should suit kids from a young age right through to being a teen.  It’s also a size that is not so big that it makes the price shoot up too dramatically.

These are my favourite trampolines in this bracket but bear in mind that the makers also produce them in different sizes too so you can click on any of the links to see the range if you’re looking for an 8ft, 12ft or larger.


Kanga Premium Trampoline

The first contender for the best trampoline for kids, and my top choice is the Kanga Premium trampoline (see my more in depth review of it here).

It’s my top budget pick for a few reasons:

  • it’s what many are looking for in a trampoline
  • it’s basic in design but good quality
  • it comes in lots of sizes
  • it’s good value for those on a budget
  • it comes with all you need
  • max user weight – 120kg

One thing to note:

  • some people have found it tricky to put together


The Kanga is available in the following different sizes – 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft.

What makes this one a bit more value for money than the others I mention below is that it not only comes with a safety net, but also comes with the ground anchors, the ladder AND a cover for winter.  This means that it really does come with everything you’ll likely need – the price you see is it.


Perfect for – those on a budget who want everything included


Want to see more reviews? – check the latest reviews and an up to date price on Amazon here.



Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline


Next up and my other favourite is this great option called the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampoline.  Zero Gravity is a really high quality brand, with high safety specs and it shows in the great reviews that this product gets, including from people updating after a period of using it.

What I really like about these trampolines is the quick collapse safety net that it has which is quite unique.  If you’re at all worried about your kids using it while you’re not around and you’ve set the rule that you always use it with the net you can take the net down really quickly when it’s not being used.  This is not only good for that situation, but also if there is really windy weather or heavy snow it can be taken down easily.  When you’ve invested in a good trampoline this makes such good sense to make sure it’s not damaged in bad weather.


  • unique safety net
  • simple to build
  • ladder included
  • excellent build quality
  • max user weight – 100kg


  • no cover or anchor kit (although available seperately)

The Zero Gravity trampolines are available in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft sizes and they also come with a ladder included.


Perfect for – a long term investment




Ultrasport Children’s Trampoline


My next choice for a big garden trampoline is the Ultrasport Children’s trampoline Uni-Jump.  It’s a reasonable price and you get a lot for your money I feel.  Unisport is a well established brand and the reviews of this product speak for themselves.

Although this used to be my best budget trampoline, it’s been eclipsed by the Kanga in recent months.  In saying that though, do take a look at it and compare as it may well suit you.

I love that they have some fun accessories like jumping boards, basketball sets and play covers available too.  It really helps to add some extra fun for those kids who might enjoy that.


  • Good value
  • Respectable company
  • Good reviews
  • safety net included
  • lots of accessories available
  • max user weight – 100kg



  • total price can add up once you start buying the accessories



It comes in a variety of sizes – 6ft, 10ft, 12ft even up to 15ft.  You also get with it a safety net as standard, so no worries about adding that to your budget.

If your garden isn’t very level there’s also an option to get an anchor set to go with it which will make it really sturdy and not fall over.


Want to see more?  See the reviews and the latest price on Amazon UK.



Plum Kids Magnitude Trampoline and 3G enclosure


A new addition to this guide is this 10ft trampoline by Plum (although they do 6, 8, 12 and 14ft in this design) and if you want a trampoline that fits nicely in a garden without being garish this one will do the trick.  With a classic black net, base and spring cover it looks really high quality.

It is a bit more higher price range than the previous trampolines but not excessively so and Plum also do a slightly cheaper option too.

This trampoline comes with the 3G safety net which is designed to curve inwards at the base keeping children well away from the springs at the edge of the trampoline.



  • Good quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • good safety net design – keeps kids away from springs
  • has a nice design that isn’t garish
  • max user weight – 100kg



  • accessories need to be purchased seperately
  • no ladder included


Interested in the Plum range of trampolines?  See the whole range on Amazon UK here.




Skyhigh OrbisphereTrampoline



Next we have the SkyHigh Orbisphere trampoline who claim that their design and use of longer springs lead to a higher bounce than the other cheaper trampolines.  The reviews are certainly convincing and this is definitely a good contender!  The price is reasonable although like many others you do have to purchase some accessories seperately.



  • Good value for money
  • High number of long springs for higher bounce
  • strong frame
  • max user weight – 100kg



  • no accessories included


Want to see the latest price?  See the latest price on Amazon UK here.



Base Jump Rebo Trampoline



Finally we have the Rebo Base Jump trampoline and this is the only trampoline we’ve featured which has a net which is external.  This means that it attaches to the outside of the springs on the base of the trampoline and for some this is a definitely con to the design, although it does provide greater space on the trampoline.

This is at the higher end of the price scale of these trampolines but also doesn’t come with anchor kits or covers so do bear that in mind with your final purchase price.



  • sturdy design
  • thick PVC weatherproof foam pads covering springs
  • good quality frame



  • external net may be an issue for some
  • no accessories


Want to read more reviews?  See the trampoline on Amazon UK here.



Trampolines are such an excellent way to get outside and get a bit of exercise in to your kids lives, if you have room for something then it’s a great investment and something I really encourage you to get as it will really last for years of fun.  I hope this article has given you some help in choosing the best kids trampoline for your needs.



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