What is the best stunt scooter on a budget in 2022?

In my quest to get my teens outside more and more I’m always on the lookout for good ideas for activities that they might enjoy and not screw their noses up at me.  Learning tricks on scooters is something that definitely fits the bill and helps kids and teens stay active.

It’s something teen friendly but these trick scooters are equally good for younger kids too!  In this article I’m looking at what is the best stunt scooter on a budget in 2022 so if you’re looking for a gift for a teenager or an older child this scooter buying guide might be just the thing!


Updated January 2022 – I’ve completely updated this guide to reflect the products available now – they can change regularly as new brands come on the market.  I intend to update these guides regularly so you know it’s up to date information .


No time to check them all out?

TLDR version – my favourite stunt scooter for kids is the Albott Pro Scooter and is one we have personal experience with and it’s not too expensive.

Don’t forget to get a helmet too!


What’s the difference between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter?

So your child is asking for a stunt scooter and you have no idea what that is.  Unfortunately it’s not exactly the same as a normal scooter so you’ll want to get it right by not buying a regular scooter instead – how do you know the difference between them all?

So, what is a stunt scooter?

A stunt scooter is for doing tricks and stunts, as the name helpfully suggests! (They are also known as trick scooters too)  An ordinary or ‘normal’ scooter is designed to just move you (or your child) around in a fun way, but it isn’t designed to do much more.  Yes you could try doing stunts on a normal scooter, but it’s not built to do that and you could find that they’ll break or fold up when doing the trick so it’s also not a particularly safe or ideal thing to encourage!

If you think your child is going to want to do stunts on their scooter then do get them the right type.

  • A stunt or trick scooter generally won’t have adjustable handlebars – you don’t want them changing height by accident when you’re doing a trick.  Likewise, they won’t fold up like normal scooters.
  • Stunt scooters are also slightly heavier, often built out of more sturdy materials like steel rather than aluminium.  This is for durability as the scooter is designed to take some serious playing on.
  • Sometimes the wheels are smaller too and made of alloy so much stronger.
  • Durability and strength are the key words really – they are designed to take a lot of beating so should be up to doing all sorts of tricks and jumps.


It should be said that stunt scooters are for older children in general – if you’re looking for a scooter suitable for much younger children see our guide here.


child on a stunt scooter in a skatepark



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Our stunt scooter reviews

I wanted to look at some really good stunt scooters but also keep them at a decent budget price.  For me that meant under around £100 for this review and mostly they are in that bracket – some are even way below £50, obviously prices do change so check the links to Amazon for the latest price.

Cheap but good scooters aren’t really that hard to find nowadays and cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality, there are some really good value options presented here in a wide range of prices so you can find something affordable.

You can get some brands that are more than this budget amount but you’re starting to get in to the serious pro stunt scooter territory!  As a starter or beginner stunt scooter, and to see if your kids like it, these ones should definitely do well and they could definitely upgrade to a better trick scooter once they are ready and past the novice stage.

The more well known and best stunt scooter brands are Fox Pro, Madd Gear, Sacrifice, some of which are represented below in my reviews.


One thing to consider with buying the best scooters for stunts is being able to get spare parts.  There’s nothing worse than it breaking and being worthless so it is a good idea with these scooters to go for good brand names as they often have spare parts available.


Albott Sports Pro Push Stunt Scooter

This mid range scooter from Albott is suitable from the ages of 8+ and comes in the gold shown above.  This is a new and updated version of a previous scooter that I recommended that was really popular and we had personal experience with.   It seems this one is following in the footsteps.


It would be a good choice if you are looking for a cheap pro scooter that will also last while your child grows.  This model is suitable up to adults.   It has some great reviews on Amazon as you can see by clicking below.

  • for ages 7+
  • weight limit – 100kg
  • scooter height – approx 82 cm
  • weight – 3.1kg


A good mid budget option that will last – See it on Amazon UK here



Cipher Stunt Scooter by TwoBareFeet

This one by Two Bare Feet is a really popular scooter and one of the best sellers in 2019 – not surprising since it’s also one of the cheapest.  The best thing is that it comes in at a really budget price which makes it an excellent entry level pro scooter.  You get a really good and well made scooter for a really good price and that’s why it’s the first one in this list – my top choice.

There are a few different colours available – black as shown, pink and a black/pink combo so not loads of options but mostly it’s a really great and well built bit of kit.  For the price you’re getting a good model, with high quality parts that’s also not too expensive should your child decide it’s not for them.  Highly recommend this one!

  • strong build quality
  • variety of colours
  • lightweight – 3.5 kg
  • Height – 830 mm
  • Max Rider Weight: 90kg
  • Suitable for age 5+


I was really surprised at the low price of this one – See it on Amazon UK here


MGP Kick Extreme V5 by Madd Gear

Updated for 2021 – the model I used to recommend by this brand is harder to come by now but it was so popular I’ve added in this newer model by Madd Gear.  This one’s slightly over the top end of my price range I was trying to sticking to but is a really good brand and so if your kids are serious about getting in to using stunt scooters it could be one they are asking for.

It comes in a couple of different colours too as well as the silver and black shown above.  It’s suitable for not only older kids but also teenagers/young adults too so if you’re worried about size being an issue it shouldn’t be.


  • well known brand
  • for ages 8+
  • weight limit – 100kg
  • scooter height – approx 82.6cm
  • weight – 3.22kg


An excellent brand of stunt scooter that you won’t go wrong with – See it on Amazon UK here

Riprail Assault Stunt Scooter

Another good brand stunt scooter and again at middle price range, this scooter from Riprail is a good choice for an affordable option being one of the cheapest options on this page.

The Assualt model of their brand is their entry level scooter and one that is suitable for kids and beginners to the world of trick and stunt scootering!   It’s a lightweight option although some reviews seem to think that it wouldn’t last through to the teen years.  Perhaps this will depend on your child but Riprail do have further models in their arsenal if the brand is for you and you need to go up a level.


  • for ages 7+
  • scooter height – approx 82cm
  • weight – 2.95kg



An excellent budget scooter for kids – See it on Amazon UK here



Land Surfer Stunt Scooter

Again at the lower end of the budget is this scooter from Land Surfer.   It would make an excellent first stunt scooter and it comes with many good reviews.

I love that it comes in so many different colours and designs which again if you want different ones for different kids this means you’ll know which one belongs to which child without needing to worry about getting different kinds of scooters!

Some people have found this one a little tricky to assemble and the cheaper price may be reflecting this.


  • inexpensive stunt scooter
  • for ages 8+
  • weight limit – 100kg
  • scooter height – approx 80 cm
  • weight – 3.2kg



An fun and budget scooter in loads of designs – See it on Amazon UK here



The best stunt scooter accessories

You’ll not need need a huge amount of accessories for a stunt scooter but the following safety equipment and a ramp would be a great addition to a scooter gift for children.

A safety helmet and knee pads are essential items in my opinion, even though some kids might hate wearing them.  The trick is to make sure you’re getting something that doesn’t look out of place and I especially like this helmet by SFR which comes in a few different colours, should you want them, or just a nice classic black like above.  The sizing is wide too so it’s a good choice no matter what age your child is.  See more of the range on Amazon by clicking here.

This knee pad set is on Amazon UK here

Going on to more fun options!  Ramps and rails are really good to have in your garden to encourage more play outside and the practising of tricks in a safe spot.  Being away from others at the skatepark will be good for those kids with self confidence issues or just those kids who would love to play outdoors all day perfecting their tricks.


This ramp is really inexpensive and would be a great addition to any scooter that you might buy for your kids and if you want to really get something special for them to try some tricks out on how about a stunt rail like this one.




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