Kids survival kit ideas for bushcraft mad children!

If you have children who are interested in bushcraft then a kids survival kit is an excellent gift idea that will foster this hobby and also to help them be outside more.

I’m going to assume that if you’re looking at these ideas then you know all about teaching your kids to use these things safely and responsibly, so I won’t go on about that!

Getting kids involved in bushcraft is fab for building confidence and responsibility though so I really recommend it if they are interested.  It’s also something that can be fun to do as a family and learn together so if you’re looking for a bonding activity it’s perfect.

Kids survival kit ideas

If you want to build your own survival kit for kids then the following items will be good to add in to it:

Best kids pocket knife – Victorinox Pocket My First Vx

We’ve all heard of Victorinox and possibly have our own swiss army knives by them, but this on is designed just for kids.  It has a rounded end which makes it much safer yet it’s still sharp and is really good for a variety of things that kids might need it for – whittling, cutting small things etc.

It has 8 functions – can openers, toothpicks, screwdrivers so really useful and almost like an adult version.  If you want to have some seriously happy kids this would be a great gift.

You can see more about it and reviews by clicking here.


The Friendly Swede DIY Paracord Kit

Get your kids to make their own paracord bracelets and keyrings with this kit.  Something that will keep them occupied on a rainy day, but will also come in useful for when they are outside.  The bracelets that can be made can be unwound so you then have some useful cord that can be used for a number of things like tying up a tarp, fixing things etc.

This has all the instructions and parts you need and makes a great gift.

See the latest price here


Light my Fire 2.0 Fire Steel Scout

When learning to make fires outside a fire steel can come in really handy and it’s a good skill for kids to learn.  Again, I’m going to assume you’re teaching them to be responsible with it and for younger kids of course make sure you’re supervising them.

I know fire steels kept my kids happy for ages trying to light fires and so long as they are doing it under supervision it’s a great activity for them.  It certainly cultures perseverance in them!

This fire steel from Light My Fire is a great, inexpensive tool that can be added to any survival kit.  It works really well, and is much better than some of the cheaper varieties you can see about.

See more about this and the latest price here


Silva Field Compass

Learning to read maps and navigate is a great skill for kids to learn and if you’re wanting to do that then a good compass is essential.  Silva is a great make and you know that if you get one of these that it will more than be up for the job.  You don’t want a compass to fail when you need it most!

It’s a bit more expensive than some others and certainly more than toy ones but I think well worth it if your kids are really into their survival hobby!

See the latest price here


Walkie Talkies

There are a huge range of walkie talkies available that are inexpensive and suitable for kids to use – I’ve a whole post about them here if you’re thinking of adding them to your kids survival kit.


Ready made survival kits for kids

There are a few notable kits around that would make a really nice starter set or just a gift for kids who want to get into bushcraft.

Real adventure den kit

This kit is lovely and would be a great way to encourage kids to have their own back garden adventures, maybe by sleeping under the stars and building their own shelters.

You get a mallet, tarp and groundsheet as well as some pegs, a mug, camouflage face paint and a lovely canvas bag to store it all in.  It’s a real old fashioned kit that is fantastically well made and is perfect for a gift.

Click here to see reviews of this item on Amazon.


Books about survival and bushcraft for kids

If your kids are budding little Bear Grylls then getting your hands on this book is a must.

It’s a newly published book and covers how to survive in the wild in the inimitable Bear Grylls style!  It covers all sorts of different hostile terrains from all over the world which is really entertaining to read even though we’ll hope our kids won’t be stuck in the jungle!

Check out this book on Amazon here.


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