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The best kids electric cars and bikes in 2019

By Kirsty / February 7, 2019

Electric cars for kids to drive are a huge thing nowadays.  Getting one can be a fun way of turning your garden in to a pretend world that kids can really drive about in.  Read on for some of the best kids electric cars available right now in 2018 and what you need to look out for […]


Best electric scooter for kids – 2019 review edition

By Kirsty / February 6, 2019

Zipping around on a little electric scooter is a lot of fun and if you have kids who sometimes get too tired to keep pushing along when you’re on a bit of a journey can also save a lot of tears!  Here’s my thoughts on choosing the best electric scooter for kids and you’ll see […]


What is the best stunt scooter on a budget in 2019?

By Kirsty / January 28, 2019

In my quest to get my teens outside more and more I’m always on the lookout for good ideas for activities that they might enjoy and not screw their noses up at me.  Learning tricks on scooters is something that definitely fits the bill.  It’s something teen friendly but these trick scooters are equally good […]


Best balance bike for kids and toddlers 2019

By Kirsty / January 21, 2019

Balance bikes are great for getting kids to learn those first skills in getting their balance while riding something with two wheels.  Read on to find out the best balance bike for kids, toddlers and even older kids on the market in 2016. What is a balance bike? A balance bike essentially looks just like a […]


What is the best Nerf gun ever for kids in 2019?

By Kirsty / January 6, 2019

Playing and having a nerf gun battle is great fun for kids and is a good way to get them outside with their friends.  Nerf guns are safe, having foam bullets, but provide hours of happiness, chasing and then searching for the bullets afterwards!  It doesn’t have to be a team game either, look below […]


Best climbing frames for toddlers and kids in 2019

By Kirsty / January 5, 2019

If you have the garden space a climbing frame is a great investment.  Kids just love to climb and explore their limits.  Safety precautions must always be at the forefront of your mind when buying and investing though, so here are the best climbing frames I’ve found on the market in 2018 for toddlers, kids […]


Best toy drones for kids in 2019

By Kirsty / January 1, 2019

Remote control toys are a great way to tempt older kids and teenagers out of their bedrooms and in to the great outdoors.  With it being a really popular toy and lots coming on the market, the best toy drones for kids might be hard to figure out – hopefully this buyers guide will help. Drones, […]


Razor crazy cart review – is it worth the money?

By Kirsty / November 22, 2017

If you’re looking to go all out on the Christmas present front this year you might well have your eye on the Razor Crazy Cart for your child. I can categorically state now that it’s a great choice! Today I’m doing a Razor Crazy Cart review so you can find out all you need to […]


Best walkie talkies for kids

By Kirsty / October 31, 2017

There comes a time when kids want to be a bit out of reach and when that happens, you’ll most likely want to be able to keep in contact if need be.  Getting a set of walkie talkies (also known as two way radios) is a good idea for fostering independence, perhaps when going to […]


Best drift trikes for kids and teenagers – a buying guide

By Kirsty / October 21, 2017

So your child has asked for a drift trike and perhaps, like me a little while back, you have no idea where to start and what these toys even are!  Well if so, you’re in the right place as we’re looking at the best drift trikes for kids today and explaining all about these toys. […]

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