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Kirsty is the mum of two kids and has spent the last 16 years on a quest to get them outside more, enjoying nature and the world around them.


Razor crazy cart review – is it worth the money?

By Kirsty / November 22, 2017

If you’re looking to go all out on the Christmas present front this year you might well have your eye on the Razor Crazy Cart for your child. I can categorically state now that it’s a great choice! Today I’m doing a Razor Crazy Cart review so you can find out all you need to […]


Outdoor gifts for kids – our Christmas Gift Guide

By Kirsty / November 16, 2017

So, Christmas 2017 is upon us and there’s that familiar mad scramble for ideas on what will light up our little one’s faces on the big day. I know you’re feeling it too! Enter our Outdoor Gifts for Kids gift guide to help you with some great ideas for an amazing gift that will last […]


Best fitness tracker for kids in 2017

By Kirsty / November 3, 2017

Getting kids active can be either something that is increasingly hard or something that you don’t need to worry about at all.  If you have a child that’s bouncing around day after day then you might not feel the need to help encourage them to be more active.  On the other hand, if you have […]


Best walkie talkies for kids

By Kirsty / October 31, 2017

There comes a time when kids want to be a bit out of reach and when that happens, you’ll most likely want to be able to keep in contact if need be.  Getting a set of walkie talkies (also known as two way radios) is a good idea for fostering independence, perhaps when going to […]


Best drift trikes for kids and teenagers – a buying guide

By Kirsty / October 21, 2017

So your child has asked for a drift trike and perhaps, like me a little while back, you have no idea where to start and what these toys even are!  Well if so, you’re in the right place as we’re looking at the best drift trikes for kids today and explaining all about these toys. […]


Tips for keeping kids warm in cold weather

By Kirsty / October 21, 2017

It’s one thing to want to get your kids outside more on a lovely summers day but it’s quite another when it’s cold, grey and bleak outside.  The key is warm weather clothing – keeping kids warm in cold weather will transform the scary thought of going outside into a much better one!  Here’s some […]


Ezy roller reviews

By Kirsty / October 5, 2017

Every year I get so excited to see what new toys and ride ons come out and what catches my kids eyes.  This year it’s definitely been the Ezy Roller.  It’s one of those toys that are so simple that you can’t believe how much of a hit they are going to be really – […]


SmarTrike review – 4 in 1 Swing

By Kirsty / September 22, 2017

When my children were younger (much younger!) they loved to be pushed around by us and their grandparents on one of these trikes. There’s quite a few models around but one of the better ones is this one by SmarTrike and it’s a really popular option. Here’s my SmarTrike review of the 4 in 1 […]

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