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Ezy roller reviews

By Kirsty / October 5, 2017

Every year I get so excited to see what new toys and ride ons come out and what catches my kids eyes.  This year it’s definitely been the Ezy Roller.  It’s one of those toys that are so simple that you can’t believe how much of a hit they are going to be really – […]


Kanga Trampoline Review

By Kirsty / September 22, 2017

I’m often saying how amazing trampolines are for getting your kids outside and as such one of the first buying guides I wrote on this site was about the best trampolines for kids.  I’ve had such amazing feedback from that post that I wanted to make more in depth reviews of the best items that […]


Bluefin hoverboard reviews

By Kirsty / September 8, 2017

I’m always on the look out for gadgets that might catch a teens eye to get them outdoors and this hoverboard from Bluefin certainly caught my eye.  I can imagine them being on many Christmas lists from teenagers and kids who want something a little bit special to be playing outdoors with.  They aren’t an […]


Vtech kidizoom action cam review

By Kirsty / September 7, 2017

One way to encourage your kids outside would be to get them making videos and taking pictures as they are out and about.  Looking for a GoPro for kids?  Well, a GoPro is definitely an adult gadget but is probably a bit expensive for most kids use, so why not get something designed just for […]


Best kids trampoline reviews

By Kirsty / July 16, 2017

We all need to let off steam sometimes and on those days a bounce on a good trampoline can’t be beaten!  When looking for the best kids trampoline for your garden there’s quite a few things to consider so you’ll want to bear in mind a few things: how much space you have and whether you’ll […]


What’s the best sandpit for toddlers and kids?

By Kirsty / July 12, 2017

Sandpits are perfect summers day toys for toddlers and young children and I bet you’re like me and can remember the days when you played with them when you yourself were young!  They seem to be timeless toys and can keep children occupied for hours – always a winner with me!  So what’s the best […]


Best playhouse for toddlers and children

By Kirsty / January 27, 2017

Playhouses can be great fun and a brilliant way to encourage creative and role play in kids.  They are also great at being their own little space, a place where they can draw, read or even watch wildlife from.  Of course, some of the plastic models are also good for bringing inside if you have […]


Best sand and water table for toddlers and kids

By Kirsty / January 24, 2017

Sand and water are two things that will captivate toddlers for a long time which is definitely something to be cherished!  So a sand and/or water table is a great investment when looking for a toy for little ones.   Most tables can be kept inside for cold weather play, but really they are brilliant […]


Feber Dareway review 12v – outdoor fun for kids!

By Kirsty / December 2, 2016

Ride on toys are great tools to get kids outside more, and electric ride ons even more so.  One of the more popular toys around this Christmas is this segway toy – so here’s our Faber Dareway review.  Is it worth buying? Our Feber Dareway review So, what is this funny looking toy?  It’s based on the […]

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