7 fantastic children’s books about summer

When children are beginning to learn about the seasons there are no better ways to learn than to have books around you to explore the differences as you go through.  But perhaps you’re just looking to learn more about the season you’re in now or coming up to?  I’ve been searching out all of the best children’s books about summer to add to this post for you and please look out as I build this series out with some posts about the other seasons too (I’ll link to them below when they are complete)


Board books about summer for toddlers

First of all let’s look at some gorgeous board books about summer and the sun.  These are suitable for toddlers but I also love them for that stage when kids are learning to read themselves and need some easy wins!


Sun by Carol Thompson

This cute little board book follows the children as they explore the senses the summer sun has an effect on – sight, touch, smell, sound and taste.  Perfect for toddlers with a simple text that is fun to read to them.

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Summer by Gerda Muller

I have a special affinity for simple books that don’t have any words but just pictures.  Makes it an interesting way to observe what is going on in the pictures and ask questiosn!  This one is all about summer, quite short, but as expected for a board book and there are some others in the series too with the other seasons.


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Picture books about summer

The Longest Day by Linda Bleck

Summer solstice is a special day and can often come with lots of questions about the why and how it all works.  This book is excellent for inquisitive children with lots of information to dip into as and when it suits.  It is an american book so some of the images might not suit us in the UK but I still think it’s a great one to help explain with good images of the earth and how it tilts.

(Currently out of print in the UK but they do have a kindle version)

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Summer is Here! by Heidi Pross Gray

A lovely story book which is aimed at young children up to the age of around 6 or 7.  It’s a simple story about all the adventures you can get up to in the summer and the nature and wildlife around you.


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Guess how much I love you in the summer by Sam McBratney

The classic book about the little nutbrown hare is back but this time it features the seasons (there are 4 in the series).  This one is the summer tale and it focuses on learning about the colours in the story.  I love these books and they are a favourite with both adults and little ones!

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Story books about summer

Summertime Stories by Enid Blyton

You really can’t beat Enid Blyton for some lovely short stories for kids and these based around summer are a delight.  There are 30 short stories so they are perfect for bedtime reading or for beginner readers themselves and they feature stories about picnics, adventures and also some of the nature around.  There’s also another book called Summer Holiday Stories if you think you’ll enjoy this and some from the other seasons too.

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