Amazing kids books about bees for all ages

bee on a yellow flower

Finding kids books about bees isn’t particularly hard these days because they are a hot topic with us all being more and more aware of the need to look after them for future generations.  So what better way to help that message along than teaching that future generation about them ourselves with some gorgeous storybooks … Read more

7 fantastic children’s books about summer

When children are beginning to learn about the seasons there are no better ways to learn than to have books around you to explore the differences as you go through.  But perhaps you’re just looking to learn more about the season you’re in now or coming up to?  I’ve been searching out all of the … Read more

Best science toys for 2019

best science toys 2018

I’m a big advocate of getting kids out in nature, as you know, and also a big advocate of adding learning in to every day life and making it fun.  With that in mind I wanted to look at some science kits today as it’s often a great way of getting kids to look at … Read more

Book review – Nick Baker’s Bug book

Nick Bakers Bug book

Over the years we’ve collected many, many books and recently we’ve begun acquiring nature related books with ideas of things to do and information we can learn from.  I’m going to start a book review series to bring you all ideas on great books to add to your collections!  There may even be a giveaway … Read more