Garmin Vivofit jr review

I’ve been reviewing this kids Garmin fitness tracker lately and have featured it on my fitness tracker for kids guide – but you know what?  I think it deserves it’s own page – that’s how much I love it!  So, by popular request, here’s my Garmin Vivofit Jr review – enjoy!

Garmin Vivofit Jr review – our favourite kids activity tracker

Ok, so first things first, let’s get it out of the way – I love this Garmin fitness tracker!  The Garmin Vivofit Junior does what lots of other fitness trackers fail to do – it provides a fun way to track activity yet still does it without looking too childish which I think really helps this product’s longevity.  Let’s face it, we want these gadgets to be used and not forgotten about don’t we?

The Vivofit Jr is targeted at ages around 4-9 but given that you can get replacement straps I think you could possibly extend this age range a bit – depending on your child of course and whether they still like how it functions.


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Waterproof and swim proof

One of the big selling points for me is the fact that this fitness tracker is waterproof AND swim proof.  That means that if your child gets caught outside in the rain while romping around it’s not going to kill it.  It also means that you don’t need to worry about taking it off when you go swimming, take a shower or have a bath – we all know that it’s a recipe for it getting lost!


Snazzy designs and interchangeable straps

The designs really stand out for me.  I know they’re not targeting me, but as a mum I know how quickly my kids can grow out of things that they feel are too babyish.  This is not the case here.  There are three designs that the Garmin Vivfit Jr comes in – the yellow camouflage/minecraft look above, the red design to the right and a nice flowery version too (below).

There is no buckle to worry about with this strap – it just fits right over the hand like a bangle and is extremely comfortable.  Now this might have you worrying that your child might grow out of it size wise but you can also fit the tracker face in to other adult size bands easily too, so don’t worry about that.


Fun interface with targets

Ok, so we’ve spoken about how it looks and that it’s functional.  What about what we really want it to be and that’s a fitness tracker.

The Garmin kids watch tracks steps and also tracks for a target of sixty minutes of activity.  You can set the tracker up with a parent app which allows you to control some assigned tasks which kids can do to earn ‘coins’.  As kids reach their goals they unlock fun facts and and adventure trail.

One aspect I liked was that you could assign a task from the app, for example brushing your teeth, and the child then gets a message on their band to remind them to do it.  You can also set task timers too which encourages kids to complete their tasks in an allotted time.


Garmin Vivofit Jr – features and specifications

  • Battery powered – no need to charge and is also replaceable
  • bands fit wrists up to 145mm – you can get XL sizes though that go up to 170mm (plus adult bands of course)
  • remembers 4 weeks of activity data
  • compatible with an iOS and Android app via Bluetooth
  • functions as a watch too – has an alarm, timer and stopwatch
  • 3 designs


What others think of the Garmin kids activity tracker

It’s important to look into what others think of these items and check reviews – I’ve been scouting round the internet to see what the general feel for this item is and I’m pleased to say that in general there’s a real positive vibe to it.

The most positive aspects are, in addition to what I’ve mentioned above, the fact that it doesn’t need charged.  It’s just one less thing to worry about with a kids tracker – having to make sure it was charged each evening like some fitness trackers would negate the usefulness I think.

Some of the negatives are that the screen can scratch really easily – I’d definitely recommend a small screen protector if you are worried about this.


See more reviews on Amazon here


New for 2017 – Garmin Vivofit Jr 2!  Themed fitness trackers!

I wanted to add in here some of the new fitness trackers that Garmin have just brought out – they are pretty similar to the original but these have the added benefit of a pretty snazzy theme to them!  You can get a Star Wars, Marvel Captain America or Minnie Mouse theme and as well as getting the cool strap with the patterns on them you also get an addition to the app where you play a game related to the theme and complete it by doing the activity goals.  So on the Star Wars fitness tracker you have a game where you help BB8 on an adventure.

Another change with this is that you can now choose between a stretchy band and one with an adjustable strap that’s just like a watch.

If your kids are motivated by the different characters you can get rather than a generic fitness tracker I’d definitely recommend looking at this one!



In conclusion this is a great kids tracker – I love it.  It’s fun, it works really well and it seems like Garmin have put a lot of thought in to it too.



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