How to make a weather diary for kids

Making a weather diary is a great activity for kids no matter what the season.  It’s especially a good activity to keep them connected with the outdoors even when the weather might not be so great to be spending it outside lots so perfect for winter then!

Making a weather diary with kids

The simplest way to make a weather diary is to make a chart and mark down the weather each day and keep track of it. Perhaps you could say what it’s like in the morning and what it’s like in the afternoon.  Get your kids to go outside and say whether they think it’s a warm day or not – would they need a jacket or not?  Hats and scarves?  Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy or windy?  Or is it a mixture?


If your children are a little older and more able to do more in depth studies you could monitor and learn about:

  • the temperature at different times of the day
  • the rainfall – discuss how you could measure it
  • the clouds you can see – perhaps even identifying them
  • the wind speed and direction – learn about directions and how wind is formed
  • air pressure – what effect does it have on weather
  • sunrise and sunset time – seasons and how they happen

You don’t need any special equipment, but a garden thermometer would be good to have or you could invest in an inexpensive weather station like this one.


Other things you and your kids could do are:

You could watch the weather reports in the morning and see if they turn out to be true or not.

Maybe you could see whether any old wives tales such as ‘red sky at night, shepherds delight.  Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’ come true.  Another good one is that if all cows are laying down in a field it’s going to rain.

Weather diaries are also great to add in to nature journals along with drawings of the weather.


Want more weather sayings? – I compiled a whole list of them here!


    All these things are great ways to get kids involved and learning about the science of our weather and also getting them outside more and being curious about how our planet works.


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    How to make a weather diary for kids. If your kids like to journal and you want to connect them to the seasons a weather diary is a great idea. Teaching kids about the weather is a fun activity for all ages using printables or just things you have around the house.

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