Things to do in Winter with kids

Getting outside with the kids in winter is one of those things that seem great in theory but it harder to pull of in real life!  You can imagine all being snug in winter jackets, scarves and hats and enjoying a crisp day but the hard part is getting moving so that you can enjoy it.  The warm house sometimes just wins out!  Anyway, here are some good ideas of things to do in Winter with kids in case you’re stuck.

Things to do in Winter with kids

Take a visit to a nature reserve

Nature reserves take on a very different feel in the winter with different animals and birds being around.  Many RSPB reserves also strive to feed garden birds too and have feeding stations set up so you can see them easily.  If you need an extra prod, choose somewhere with a cafe attached and have a nice hot chocolate to warm you up afterwards.

Feed the ducks

A nice outing to get some fresh air might be to a park where there are ducks to feed.  What kid doesn’t like to get up close and personal to these guys?  If possible don’t feed them bread though as it’s not good for them – if you can, get some oats, seeds or leftover rice.

Look for animal tracks

winter kids activitiesWith it being muddy underfoot your might be able to see animal tracks much easier – why not go for a walk with the intention of seeing what you can find – even if it’s a dog paw print it’s a fun activity!  Frosty mornings also work well as it can preserve footprints.

Look for spiders webs

The cold mornings can make spiders webs outside much easier to see.  Go for a walk and see how many you can see and if you can find any differences between them.

Encourage outdoor play

It’s easy to just keep the kids indoors in Winter but it’s worthwhile to try and encourage some form of outdoor play.  If it’s dry get them to bounce on the trampoline for 15 minutes, or get them out and playing on a scooter.  Anything is better than nothing!

Go sledging

Ok, the next few need some snow, but hopefully we’ll get just the right amount – enough for fun, but not enough to make life miserable!

Sledging is great fun and something that can make great memories, especially if you go out as a family and make a day of it.

Build a snowman

If you don’t want to go far and have a decent amount of snow in your garden then make a snowman – a carrot for a nose, some stones for eyes and sticks for arms and you’ll make a nice new friend.  Keep him warm with a old scarf too!

Have a snowball fight

Snowball fights are great for even the bigger kids to get them outside and getting some fresh air.

Make snow angels

Enough said!  Get in the snow and have fun!  You can always get dry again.


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