Best scooter for toddlers and young kids – our tips

Scooters are all the rage at the moment from young children all the way up to teenagers and they are an excellent way to get kids more active.  If you’re wondering about the best scooters for toddlers and young kids then I hope this guide will give you some ideas and starting points to find the best product.  Whether it’s for your own kids, grandchildren or a present then you should find what you’re after.


Best scooter for toddlers and young kids – our ideas

When looking for a scooter for kids and in particular, young kids you’ll need to bear a few things in mind.

Scooters are excellent at getting kids out and about in the fresh air, but when we’re thinking about the youngest you’ll need to be aware that if you try and get something not suitable you could knock their confidence.

Scooters can be great for helping with hand – eye coordinations, balance and confidence.  For that reason it’s really important to be aware of the abilities of the child you’re buying for.

Safety is a big concern too – all of the products I have chosen in this guide have excellent reviews from people who have bought and tested the scooters.  I highly encourage you to look at the reviews of any product you buy – many new and similar products come on the market each year but which might not be as good as others.


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    Batman Scooter

    Young kids are always going to love the latest character emblazoned on their toys and for a scooter you have that option too!  I have chosen to highlight the Batman scooter here but rest assured there are very many more – Paw Patrol, Thomas,  and Spiderman to name but a few.  They all have the same look and build as this Batman design.

    It’s a basic scooter but along with that comes the fact that it’s quite inexpensive and so a good first scooter for young kids and good for those who don’t want to risk spending too much money.

    It has two wheels at the back providing some stability for young kids getting used to riding it.


    • Suitable for ages 3+
    • Adjustable handlebar
    • inexpensive
    • two wheels at back for stability
    • lots of designs and characters available
    • perfect for kids who have a favourite character they’re obsessed with!


    See the latest price on Amazon here


    3StyleScooters Three wheel scooter

    A really popular style of scooter for kids nowadays is a kind of reverse to the traditional scooter like you see above in the Batman option.  This one has two bigger wheels at the front and a small single wheel at the back.

    The two wheels at the front are great for providing a bit more stability – kids can lean hard on the handle bars and this can help them not topple over!

    What I really like about these, apart from the popular style, is that they can last a long time for kids due to the handlebar height adjustment.  It has 4 different height options – 52, 70, 74 and 78 cm.  Perfect if you have kids who are tall for their age!

    This is one of the few scooters at this age range that has a brake which I feel is important – many want their kids to at least have that option.


    • suitable for ages 3 – 6
    • available in a lot of colours – great for more than one child
    • adjustable height
    • LED flashing wheels
    • rear brake

    See the price of this scooter on Amazon here


    GOOGO 2 in 1 Scooter

    Similar to the style of the previous 3 wheeled scooter, this one from GOOGO has a different selling pointing that you can add a part to it so that the child can sit on it, sort of like a ride on .  This is a good idea if you want to take it further afield but perhaps are worried about the staying power of your child and if they might need a rest – you can push them along for a little while.

    Again this has LED wheels which are fun for children and a brake for the rear wheel.

    This also has a height adjustable handlebar – they state it can be good from age 3 all the way up to 13.  I’m not so sure an average 13 year old would use it, but something to bear in mind if value for money is important to you.


    • suitable for ages 3 – 13
    • removable seat with 2 height options
    • adjustable handlebars
    • comes in 3 different colours – blue, pink and purple


    Check the price of this item on Amazon here



    Ozbozz My First Scooter


    The Ozbozz My First Scooter is unique on this page because it is extremely sturdy, owing to the fact it has four wheels.  Balance is a big deal with young kids and if they fail too often on two wheel versions it can really knock their confidence.  This one is great for building that up.

    As well as being great for starting off with the four wheels it also has the option to reduce the wheels on the scooter as your child gets more confident – so you can go from 4 to 3 to 2 wheels.

    The scooter folds for easy carrying and storing.

    It also comes in two different colours, pink above and also a blue version you can see here.


    • recommended for 2 – 5 years
    • inexpensive
    • should last children a long time
    • helpful for building confidence


    To see the latest price on Amazon click here


    Smoby 2 in 1 Reversible Micro Scooter


    I really like the design of this scooter and the fact that it has two very different uses which will prolong the life of the toy.

    First, and for very young children from the age of 18 months, it can be used as a ride on toy.  Almost all kids love these kind of sit on toys that you push along with your feet.

    Once they have been using it like that and started to get some balance then you can change it into a scooter.  It has two wheels at the back and one at the front.  Crucially it’s not too big as to be unwieldy for toddlers.

    As well as the colour above, there’s also a bright pink option that you can see here.


    • adjustable handlebars (2 positions 53 and 63cm)
    • two distinct uses
    • Suitable for 18mths – 3 years
    • Available in 2 colours


    See the latest price on Amazon here


    Safety accessories for toddlers and young kids

    Don’t forget about helmets for your kids when buying a scooter.  If you get them used to using one now, when they are older they’ll be less likely to protest at using one.

    There are loads of different designs you can go for when choosing a helmet from plain but colourful to outrageous and fun.  I love the following options but have a look around, check the reviews and buy something that has high safety standards.

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