Book review – Nick Baker’s Bug book

Over the years we’ve collected many, many books and recently we’ve begun acquiring nature related books with ideas of things to do and information we can learn from.  I’m going to start a book review series to bring you all ideas on great books to add to your collections!  There may even be a giveaway or two….

Nick Baker’s Bug Book is one we got last year after meeting the author at Bird Fair.  Now I’ll admit, bugs aren’t my most favourite thing, but get yourself with someone who is passionate about them and it opens up a whole new world.  This book is like having that passionate guide alongside you.

What I like most about  the book is the fact that although it is aimed at kids it doesn’t talk down at them and the information in the book would be perfect for an enthusiastic adult to start with too!  There is loads of information about different bugs, going in to all sorts of detail about them as well.

Nick Baker's bug bookThere are loads of experiments to get you involved, from making a pooter to raising butterflies, to making a worm farm.  We’ve only just scratched the surface of what this book can do in our house!  And all of it comes with great clear pictures and photographs.

What comes out most though is the author’s enthusiasm and that is priceless when dealing with things like bugs as that can easily descend into revulsion and fear.  Fascination is definitely the way forward and anything that helps that is fine by us!

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disclaimer – we already own this book and all views are my own.  The link above is an amazon affiliate link and if you buy through there I do get a small percentage.  Thanks!


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