Complete guide to the best kids waterproofs for rainy fun

We live in the UK.  It rains.  Get over it!

Seriously, we know that rain is likely no matter what the season in Britain so if we truly want the kids playing outside and experiencing all weather we need to get them equipped so that they can enjoy it no matter what.  We can be optimistic and buy suncream and beach tents for shade, but I’ll hazard a guess that you’ll get much more use out of wet weather gear!  Not that I think it’s pessimistic to expect it, I actually love rainy days and think that kids can get so much out of a wet day either by splashing in puddles on a rainy walk, exploring slugs and snails that come out to play or just by feeling it fall on their faces.

So what do we need to make the most of wet days?  Wellies are good or at least suitable shoes that are either waterproof or dry well (look out for a post about these soon).  Other than that, at the very least you’ll want a rain jacket.  If you want to really get out in the rain and really enjoy the wet days then perhaps some form of all in one puddle suit or some waterproof trousers will be good.  And if you have kids that enjoy hiking or walking with you or maybe taking dogs for a walk, some gaiters might be a good idea.

In this guide I’m looking at some of the best ideas around for all ages.  Whether you have a toddler who loves puddles or whether you want to keep kids dry on a camping trip, these will definitely be worth investing in.

Best all in one waterproof suits for toddlers

Looking like a rain coat onesie these all in one waterproof suits are great for toddlers and small kids to keep them entirely dry.  Perfect for puddle jumping days out or just for the walk to nursery.

Regatta puddle suit

This all in one splash suit by Regatta is a personal favourite of mine – my kids had these suits when they were little and we loved them.  We took them camping and used them when we wanted to go out and have fun in the puddles!  They are great, thin and go over all clothes.  Some people prefer them to have some weight to them, but I like them thin as it means you can wrap up underneath if need be or enjoy them in the summer when it’s wet and warm!

These suits are available in 7 different colours so enough to find one to suit your boy or girl and you can get them in a range of sizes from age 6-12months all the way up to 60-72 months (5-6 years)

Check out the colour range and latest price on Amazon here.


Trespass Button Rain suit

This is similar to the Regatta suit I mentioned above but the good thing about this one is that it goes up to a slightly larger size, all the way up to 9-10 years old.  I love the way that this one has a zip that continues right down to the leg making it easy to get the kids out of when they are soaking wet!

Check out the colour options and reviews here.


Best raincoats

Mountain Warehouse Pakka Kids Rain Jacket

As with the all in one suits, I really like to have some light rain jackets in the house for the kids so that they can be used in any weather.  Just add some warm layers underneath if it’s a bit chilly (and maybe make sure you stick to a larger size when ordering).

I love this jacket by Mountain Warehouse, it’s really well made and a good sturdy jacket.  The fact that it packs up lightly makes it come even higher up on my list.  It’s packs small enough that you can fit it nicely in a bag for on those changeable weather days.

It’s good for kids from ages 2 all the way up to age 13, looks good and not too kiddy for those older ones who are trying to be a bit more grown up!  It comes in 5 colours as well so plenty to choose from.

Check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon here.


Best kids waterproof trousers and dungarees

Playshoes Children’s Rain Dungarees

These are fab little waterproof dungarees from Playshoes.  Suitable from 12 months all the way up to age 10 they are a good alternative to trousers especially if your child finds them uncomfortable around their waist as some do.

They come in four different colours and they also do a fleece lined version as well.

Check out more colour options on Amazon here.


Regatta children’s fully waterproof trousers

These waterproof trousers from Regatta are plain looking but do the job nicely.  We’ve also used these when my kids were a lot younger and found them good quality.

They start at age 2 and can fit all the way up to teenage sizes too so if you’re needing something for camps or school holidays these are a great buy – nice and cheap yet good quality.

Check out more reviews on Amazon here.

Best kids gaiters

Vaude Gaiter II leggings

If you do lots of outdoor activities, dog walking or just like to get out lots, a pair of gaiters might suit a lot better than wellie boots.  You wear them with walking shoes or boots and they keep the bottom of your trousers dry.  I know that my kids went through phases of not liking wellies so these would have been great to stop splashes making their trousers wet.

Easy to take off and small enough to keep on hand if you need them, these are one size gaiters in three different colours.  Go for bright yellow or red or stick to a more sensible black!

Check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon here.


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