Wiggly resources for making a wormery for children

A really fun way to involve children in gardening and foster a love of minibeasts in the garden is by making a wormery.  Wormeries are basically homes for worms to live within your garden where they’ll eat peelings from the kitchen and turn them in to useful mulch.  If you’re interested in introducing a wormery for children into your garden here’s help on how to begin.

Best wormery for a garden

This isn’t specifically for kids, but is a good wormery for any garden and of course kids can help set it up, find worms for inside and learn all about them in the process.

The Wormcity Wormery is a UK made garden composting system.  It’s a stacking wormery which means that it has layers that the worms live in and means it doesn’t get clogged up as much.  There’s a tap that drains of the liquid that’s produced.  It’s big enough for family use too so an excellent way to get kids involved in recycling of food waste!  You can see this product on Amazon here.

Best worm farm for kids kit

If you want to have a better view of what worms do or perhaps if you don’t have room for a full size wormery in your garden but would like to try out keeping some worms and learning about how they work and are helpful in a garden then creating a worm farm is a great idea.  You can make your own (see below) or you can buy a kit like this one.

Worm World is another excellent nature kit by Interplay, of which we’ve had many and can recommend highly, which is basically a long container that is perfect for seeing inside the world of a worm!  You fill the farm with different layers of soil, add worms and some food to the top and watch as they do their work.  It’s a great insight and can really help kids to understand what goes on in a wormery or why we might want worms in our garden.

You can see this worm farm kit on Amazon here.

Make your own worm farm in a jar

You can make your own worm farm quite easily by using a jar.  The process is essentially the same as using a kit above:

  • Find a large glass or plastic jar and make sure it’s nice and clean
  • put layers of soil and sand alternately in the jar so you’ve a nice amount in there.
  • Go find some worms and put them in their new home
  • add old kitchen peelings from vegetables and fruit to the top or maybe some fallen leaves
  • Add the lid, but don’t forget to make sure there are some air holes at the top.
  • Keep a watch on the worms and see if you can see where they’ve been and what effect they’ve had on the layers

Children’s books about worms

If you want to learn some more about worms then these picture books are full of facts about them and will complement any work you do in a garden or with your wormeries.

Wiggling Worms at Work

Check out this book on Amazon here.

Yucky Worms

Check out this book on Amazon here.


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