Garden skatepark ideas

I’ve said before that one way to get your older kids outside more is to encourage a sport such a skateboarding, BMX biking or stunt scooter riding.  Choosing the right skateboard or stunt scooter is one thing, but the next part is getting some tricks under their belt and that requires practice.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a skate park that is nearby, but even if you do you might not want your kids hanging there all day long, especially if they are still young.  So one way to appeal to their new found hobby and keep them practicing is by setting up your own skate park in the garden.  This has the added benefit that if any accidents happen you’ll be nearby to help out.

Some things that you’ll want in your garden skatepark will be:

  • ramps – you can single ramps or double with different gradients.  For larger gardens a four way ramp could be good too
  • a grind rail

Best skateboard ramps for kids

If you’re looking to get some ramps for your kids to have in the garden then the following are some good products.  What I like about these are that they are portable and can be brought to the park for meet ups with friends or even when you go on holiday.  They are really solid even though they are made from plastic – they’d be great to start with for kids.


If you’re looking for a grind rail you can get them in a regular size or a mini size too – perfect for smaller gardens


Building your own skate ramp

Another idea for kids who are really serious about their stunts is to build a skate ramp.  If you have a big garden then you can go all out here and create something really special.  If not or if you want to just start small, then starting off with a small skate ramp  is a good idea.  I’ve found a load of tutorials on YouTube and I’ve shared a couple below.

These projects would be a great way to get older kids involved with making things and it’s a great way to connect with them and make them proud of their first DIY projects.


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