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How do I get my child to play outside? 12 ideas to try

By Kirsty / June 17, 2019

We all know how important it is for our kids to get plenty of fresh air, outdoor play and exercise.  But if you’re one of the many parents struggling along and saying to yourself ‘just how do I get my child to play outside when they don’t want to?’ here are a few ideas for you […]


Snow activities for kids – what to do when it snows!

By Kirsty / January 5, 2018

Snow days are such fun and if you’re anything like us you really relish when one comes along – we don’t get them that often!  There are so many ways to have fun in the snow – it’s tempting to just shove the kids outdoors (dressed appropriately of course!) and leave them to it and […]


Jump rope and skipping songs to learn

By Kirsty / August 4, 2017

Playing outside either with my friends or simply on my own in the garden seemed to always include a skipping rope when I was young.  I had loads of skipping songs as well that I would run through and it just always helped.  In fact, I’m not sure I could skip now without singing a […]


Tips for keeping kids active

By Kirsty / February 17, 2017

In this day and age sedentary kids who spend all their time in front of screens are not uncommon.  Unfortunately, it comes with a host of problems from concentration issues all the way up to childhood obesity and more.  One way to try and combat these things is keeping kids active.  The funny thing is […]


Garden skatepark ideas

By Kirsty / February 10, 2017

I’ve said before that one way to get your older kids outside more is to encourage a sport such a skateboarding, BMX biking or stunt scooter riding.  Choosing the right skateboard or stunt scooter is one thing, but the next part is getting some tricks under their belt and that requires practice. Perhaps you’re lucky enough […]


Things to do in Winter with kids

By Kirsty / December 17, 2016

Getting outside with the kids in winter is one of those things that seem great in theory but it harder to pull of in real life!  You can imagine all being snug in winter jackets, scarves and hats and enjoying a crisp day but the hard part is getting moving so that you can enjoy […]


10 fun outdoor Autumn activities for kids

By Kirsty / September 2, 2016

Autumn is a great time to be getting outside.  There’s plenty to see, lots of changes in the air and there’s still a good chance of nice weather.  Here’s some ideas of fun outdoor autumn activities that are great for all ages from toddlers to older kids.  Add in a lovely hot chocolate after you’ve been […]


How to teach your child to ride a bike

By Kirsty / September 2, 2016

Learning to ride a bike is one of those big milestones for your kids and something that can be much tricker than you think it should be!  Here’s some tips on how to teach your child to ride a bike no matter their age. Why learn to ride a bike? Riding a bike is a […]


10 of the best garden toys to transform your garden into fun central!

By Kirsty / August 22, 2016

When it comes to getting our kids outside the garden is the first place we think about.  It’s safe, it’s within reach, we don’t need to worry about the weather ruining the day as they can just come back inside.  If you’re thinking of turning your garden in to a kids playing paradise, here’s some […]

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