Lascal Buggy Board Mini vs Maxi – which should you get?

Imagine the scene above – you’ve gone out for a nice walk in the park with your toddler and new baby in a pushchair.  You’re relishing in getting some fresh air, the baby is sleeping and your toddler is having heaps of fun running around, spotting flowers, squirrels and bugs.  A perfect day?  It is until that moment when your toddler decides he can’t go on any longer and that there’s no way he can walk the 10 minutes home from the park.  Screaming ensues and you end up having to try and carry him while you manoeuvre the pushchair with one hand.

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Sound familiar?  Even if it’s not happened to you I bet you can relate to it happening!

It’s hard to get out and about when you have very young kids, especially if you have toddlers that are resistant to walking far.  Sometimes it seems like it’s just easier to stay in or send them in to the garden to play.  However, one way to try and help the situation along is to get a Buggy Board.  These are special stands that clip on the back of strollers and have wheels underneath that provide a platform for tired toddlers to hitch a ride.

One of the best brands of buggy boards around at the moment is Lascal.  they make two different kinds of boards – the mini and the maxi.  In this article I’m going to be looking at which is better and what the difference is with the Lascal Buggy Board Mini vs Maxi.

Quick Look – Lascal BuggyBoard Mini

  • compact, lightweight ride-on platform
  • designed for umbrella strollers
  • Fits more than 99% of pushchairs

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(2021 update – Amazon currently doesn’t have stock so if you’re in the UK try Kiddies Kingdom)

Quick Look – Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

  • Extra Large pneumatic wheels. Ideal for forest roads and cobblestones
  • Fits more than 99% of pushchairs

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Lascal Buggy Board Mini vs Maxi – what’s the difference?

There aren’t huge differences between the two boards but as the names suggest one of the boards is slightly bigger than the other.

  • First of all the Mini is more suited to lightweight strollers and is designed with umbrella strollers in mind.
  • The Maxi is suitable for children up to 6 years old while the Mini says suitable for up to 5 years.  Both have a weight limit of 44lbs (20kg) although the size difference of the maxi might allow for a slightly bigger child.
  • The Maxi has bigger pneumatic wheels that are good for uneven paths and park walks!
  • You can attach a saddle to the Maxi which can give your toddler a seat. Click here for more info.
  • The size of the Mini platform is 30 x 16.5cm approx and the Maxi is 36 x 17.5cm approx.
  • The Maxi is slightly more expensive than the Mini – click the images above for latest prices

They are both

  • universal fitting – they should fit 99% of pushchairs available
  • have a variety of colours and designs


Which Lascal Buggy Board is best?

My personal opinion is that the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi is the most versatile of the two of them.  I think if you plan to get outside for walks more and might encounter slightly bumpy paths it will suit it much better.  If space is an issue though and you only have a very small umbrella stroller anyway then the Mini is still a great product.

Click to see more about the Maxi BuggyBoard and the Mini BuggyBoard


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