Outdoor gifts for kids – our Christmas Gift Guide

So, Christmas 2017 is upon us and there’s that familiar mad scramble for ideas on what will light up our little one’s faces on the big day. I know you’re feeling it too! Enter our Outdoor Gifts for Kids gift guide to help you with some great ideas for an amazing gift that will last through the year, bring nature in to their lives and get them active.

These are some of my favourite things that are around right now – I’ve categorised them by price to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.


*disclaimer – prices change fast and although I’ll try and keep on top of them, do be aware that what fits in one category one week might not the next*


Gifts under £10

The perfect price range for gifts that might be for a niece, nephew or friend’s child.  You don’t need to spend a lot to encourage a love of the outdoors!

Anpro Kite

Kites are a perfect inexpensive gift that gets kids outside, require no batteries and can keep big and little kids occupied for ages.  If you’re looking for something that will give kids a reason to get some fresh air then this is a great idea.

See on Amazon here


GoFindIt – outdoor nature treasure hunt card game

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?  Perfect for any season, this incorporates our senses in to what we find.  Can you find something that is rough and brown?

See more on Amazon here


Bug Safari

Loads of kids love bugs, both boys and girls, and often they need a push to find out so much more about them.  Capitalise on an this inquisitiveness with a great bug catching kit – I highly recommend this one, we’ve had it ourselves and loved it.

See it on Amazon here



Gifts under £50


My Fairy Garden

Not specifically an outdoors toy but it certainly encourages children to think about nature and how ‘fairies’ fit in to that.  It is a kit that you use to create a garden complete with growing grass as well – perhaps something that will encourage a love of gardening in future?

See on Amazon here


Vtech Kiddizoon Duo Camera

I love toys that encourage creativity in kids and this digital camera definitely does that.  Get your kids outdoors taking pics of what they find in the garden perhaps or even encourage them to take pics of their toys on an adventure?


See latest price on Amazon here


Kids Walkie Talkies

Kids love to play with their friends with walkie talkies and it really helps to get a set that actually work so it avoids frustration.  This set is great, works with a range of 2.5km and comes in bright colours that won’t be easily lost.  Great for giving kids a bit of independence as they get older too.

See on Amazon here



Gifts under £100


Garmin Vivfit Jr 2

Getting kids active can sometimes feel like a never ending nag fest on our part so I love the idea of getting something else to help with the motivation there.   This is the latest Garmin fitness tracker that is aimed at kids (they also have some older models that don’t have the characters and are slightly cheaper) and it’s definitely one of my favourites.  It has an app, encourages activity through challenges and doesn’t focus on calories burnt.  Lots of different character designs to choose from too.

See the range on Amazon here


Fox Pro Raw Tang Stunt Scooter

What better way to get kids out and about than introducing them to a sport that requires skill and practice!  And it’s something that their friends are likely to be doing too – win win!  Stunt scooters are available at reasonable prices nowadays but I’d definitely err on the side of going for a reputable brand like this one – if your child is doing stunts you want it to be sturdy.

See this on Amazon here.


Ezy Roller Classic

Another great option for an inexpensive ‘big’ present is this Ezy Roller – honestly, they are so much fun for all ages!  They are powered by our own steam and by rolling the wheels side to side – it sounds a bit boring but you’d be so surprised!

See more about this on Amazon here


Gifts under £300

If you’re looking for something as a main present or just something super special from the grandparents here’s some good ideas.

Wish Bone Balance bike

Great for little ones and toddlers from the age of 12 months is this balance bike/trike from Wish Bone.  It grows with your child and it’s an amazing statement piece – guaranteed to get others talking and asking you about it!

See the latest price on Amazon here


Bluefin Classic Swegway Hoverboard

Your kids will absolutely love this and it’s suitable for a wide age range so you’ll get a load of value for money with it.  It’s basically a balance board and is powered along by a strong battery – you control it with your body so great for balance, co-ordination and most importantly FUN!

See more about this on Amazon here





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