What’s the difference between kick, push and stunt scooters?

If you’ve been looking to get your child a scooter or if they have been asking for one you’ve no doubt come across a number of different kinds of scooters in the stores and online and wondering what on earth is the right one to get!  This article should hopefully help you to determine not only the differences but also to help you buy the right kind for your child whatever their age.


In a nutshell, push scooters refer to just a basic scooter and often are aimed at much younger kids. Kick scooters are small, lightweight metal scooters that older children might enjoy and although they look like stunt scooters aren’t suitable for performing tricks.  Stunt scooters are for just that – performing stunts at skate parks.

The confusing thing is that the scooters can generally be used for different things – I’d say that if your child wants to go to skate parks and might like to learn stunts – get a stunt scooter.  They don’t fold up and are much safer for this kind of play.  Other than that it’s a case of looking at whether the scooter is suitable for what your child wants to do.


There are, just to confuse matters further, another couple of kinds of scooters – electric and flicker scooters.  Electric scooters are powered by batteries and are a good way for kids to cover longer distances, less good for exercise!  Flicker scooters are those that have the base plate in a V shape – both feet go on the scooter at the same time and by wiggling you can make them move – these are really popular at the moment.


What are push scooters?

I class push scooters as those normal, small scooters that toddlers and young children can enjoy playing with.  They don’t go fast and they often have 3 wheels which keeps them sturdy and upright – perfect for little ones!

Sometimes kick scooters are referred to as push scooters – I think the term is becoming interchangeable lately which add to the confusion.


What are kick scooters?

Kick scooters are generally metal scooters that are suitable for older children from about age 7 upwards.  They can sometimes fold up which makes them great for transporting in cars and taking on holiday!

Kick scooters are propelled forward by you kicking backwards, hence the name.

They are most often 2 wheeled but you can often get scooters with 3 wheels at the front.  These are great for younger kids as they have the look of the more grown-up ones but much more stability!


What are stunt scooters?

Stunt scooters are designed to be used by those who want to do tricks, stunts and to take them to skate parks.  They are often designed for up to teenage years and even to adults although you can get some that are good for younger children too.

They are sometimes called trick scooters and what you’ll notice with these are that they are not adjustable or foldable – you wouldn’t want them to fold up or change height while doing tricks!



What are flicker scooters?

Flicker scooters are really fun designed and they get kids super active!  rather than pushing or kicking the scooter along, you propel yourself by wiggling your hips from side to side.  These are really popular where I live right now and the kids seem to love them!  They are suitable for ages around 7 upwards.  Probably not a great one if you are using it to get somewhere quickly though.

Sometimes these flicker scooters are also called scissor scooters.


What are electric scooters?

Electric scooters are just your average scooter but with some power!  They can be fun for older kids who might like a little oomph to get them outdoors more.  They are generally powered by 12v batteries and can be a great alternative to normal scooters.


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