Looking for the best go karts for kids? Here’s our top pedal go karts

Go karts are excellent and fun outdoor toys that are great for older kids.  You can take them to a park for a great day out or they’re perfect if you’re lucky and have a safe street for your kids to play on with wide paths.  The best go karts for kids are often the ones that will last them a long time and that are easy to use.  Here’s my guide to some of the top choices on the market at the moment in 2018:

What to look for in a kids go kart

Firstly, let’s have a think about what to consider when looking for the best kids go kart.  As I said before, getting something that will last as your child grows is a big thing to think about, but what else?

  • what kind of chassis is it?  Is it sturdy or is it a cheap plastic?
  • Does it have an adjustable seat
  • How do the pedals work – chain driven?  Does it have gears?  or are they simply pedals?
  • are you able to go off road in the go kart?  Check the tyres for what grip you’ll get.



Kids go karts comparison table

Scroll down for individual reviews on each of the go karts featured in this table.

NameAge rangeHeight rangeWeight limitSizePrice

Berg Buddy
3-8 yearsnot stated50kg110 x 65 x 63 cm££

Kiddo go kart
4-8 yearsnot stated30kg101 x 61 x 62cm£

Kettler Barcelona Air
5-10 years110-140cm50kg125 x 72 x 67cm££

Bopster Go Kart
5-10 yearsnot stated
40kg101 x 40 x 61cm£

Ferbedo Bad Boy
5-11 years110-150cm50kg111 x 68 x 66 cm££

Berg Ford Mustang
4-12 yearsnot stated60kg124 x 70 x 64cm£££


Best go karts for kids – our reviews

I’ve split these reviews down in to two age groups, the first looks at go karts for ages around 3 – 8 years old.  Some will only be good for up to 5 years though – keep an eye on the age ranges.  The second group is for older kids – 8, 9 and 10 years old so scroll down for those.


Go karts for 3-8 year olds

There quite a few pedal go karts in this age range and if you’re starting with a young child or have a range of ages you want to buy for these might be worth checking out.


Kiddo 2017 Racer Design Pedal Go Kart



This is a really good budget option if you’re looking for a cheap go kart for your young kids.  It has the smallest weight limit of all the go karts I’m reviewing here but for the price it’s a really good option.  It comes in the nice red and black design and has the classic go kart look.

It has an adjustable seat and enclosed chain so no worries about getting fingers caught in it.  It’s a strong and sturdy tubular from too and should last a long time.

Age range: 4-8 years.  Weight Limit: 30kg


Check the latest price on Amazon here


Berg Toys Buddy Pedal Powered Go Kart


Berg go karts are really good quality toys and this one for young kids is no exception (you can see one for older kids if you scroll down).  It’s made of a high quality metal frame, has an easy to use forward and reverse pedal action and also has adjustable seats and steering wheel. This means it’s great for growing kids!  This one will last from age 3 all the way to 8 so if you’re buying early it’s a great option.

Available in orange/black as well as this white/pink design.  I don’t like labelling these toys as boys or girls personally, but the white and pink design is definitely one that girls might enjoy and is a little bit different and the orange one is a good unisex design.  

Age range: 3-8 years.  Weight limit 50kg


See the two colour designs and latest price here


Go karts for 8 – 10 year olds

As kids get older you’ll want something more sturdy and also something that will still last a long time.  Again there are quite a few in this age range and some even up to age 11 and 12 years.


Bopster 2 speed racing Go Kart

Our choice – Best budget go kart


a good option if you’re looking on the more budget end as this one is comfortably under the £100 price range (of course prices do vary – click the image for the latest price)

It has inflatable rubber tyres which means it’s suitable for a variety of surfaces – both grass and gravel as well as paths.  It also has a 2 speed gear system to allow for fast starts, a sturdy metal frame and a hand brake that covers both back wheels.  It has all you need which when you consider the price is pretty good!

Age range: 5-8 years.  Weight Limit: 40kg


Check the latest price on Amazon here


Ferbedo Cross Racer Bad Boy

The Ferbedo Cross Racer go kart is a good and solid kart that’s suitable all the way up to age 11 and so should last a long time for your child.  It’s a sturdy design with off road tyres, a hand brake and a covered chain guard so nice and safe.  Some people have found this one a little frustrating to put together though.  I like the classic black design that shouldn’t be grown out of too easily.

Age range: 5-11 years.  Max weight: 50kg

See the latest price on Amazon here



Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart

Kettler is one of the big brands in kids ride on toys and they also have a good go kart available too.  There’s a few in the range but this one, the Barcelona Air is one of my favourites.  It’s nice and light so is easy to use for any child and it’s also got a large age range too so will suit for quite a while – as a guide, the height range specified is 110cm – 140cm.

The seat is adjustable, there’s a good hand brake and it has good quality pneumatic tyres.

Age range: 5-10 years.  Weight limit: 50kg


Check to see the latest price on Amazon here


Berg Ford Mustang GT Pedal Go Kart

This is really a special go kart and definitely a high quality bit of kit.  It’s licensed by Ford and has some of the nice details of a Ford Mustang car including the silver mustang badge.

This one will go all the way up to 12 years old and has the highest weight limit on this page and so it’s a really good investment I think – it has a 5 position seat and an adjustable steering wheel so even from a young age it can be used.  It also has a well designed ‘hub’ that allows you to change from forward pedalling to reverse simply.

I love the look of this one, it looks like a really high quality and premium go kart and the colours and styling is just awesome!  It would definitely make a really special gift.

Age range: 4-12 years.  Weight limit: 60kg

Check the latest price of this item here





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