Tips for keeping kids warm in cold weather

It’s one thing to want to get your kids outside more on a lovely summers day but it’s quite another when it’s cold, grey and bleak outside.  The key is warm weather clothing – keeping kids warm in cold weather will transform the scary thought of going outside into a much better one!  Here’s some ideas for dressing your kids appropriately for the autumn and winter seasons.

Layers is key!

Rather than just shoving on a thick winter jacket, think about layering up kids.  This is especially important if your child is the type of kid who will take their jacket off at the first opportunity and run around with just a t-shirt on!  If you’ve prepared early on with perhaps some base layers or maybe a body warmer then they’ll be much warmer and you’ll stress less.  Happy parents equal happier play time!

Base layers like the one opposite are also great for sports loving kids – stick them underneath their team kit and it will keep them warm.  They tend to come in all sorts of sizes – this one is for toddlers all the way up to teenagers – and fun colours as well as the dark neutral shades.  Click the image for more info.


Waterproofs will save the rainy day

Rain does not have to stop play at all if you have the right kind of gear.  Toddlers and even bigger kids love to splash in puddles, dance around in the rain and find the muddiest corner – let them do it if you can!  All in one rain suits are perfect for little kids and can totally take the worry out of getting soaked to the skin.

If it’s cold as well as rainy, make sure to add some layers underneath.

You can see my ultimate guide to waterproofs for kids here


Cover the extremities

Hats and gloves are the bane of any parents lives – where to do they go year on year?  I swear we lose them every summer and by the time Autumn swings around they are nowhere to be seen!

As annoying as that is though, they are pretty much essential in the colder months.

One tip I do have for you if your child is always taking off their scarf or if you don’t like to constrict their neck too much is to get a hood/snood like the one in the picture.  It’s fun and does two jobs in one.  Click it to get more information.


Have a warm up plan

Take some time to consider the best way to get warm AFTER your jaunts and playing outside.  Some of my favourite ideas are:

  • hot chocolate
  • a warm bath
  • warm clothes to change into
  • a warm lunch like soup

Some of these are also good to incorporate in to longer periods outside.  If you’ve gone for a walk in the countryside then a good plan is to bring a thermos of hot chocolate for after the walk or plan a coffee shop stop.


Kids are resilient and once going they often have great fun outside whatever the weather.  Don’t feel like you have to aim for hours and hours of outdoor play though – kids get immense benefits from even 10 minutes of fresh air and outside time.  Let them lead the way and let you know when they’ve had enough – it might actually surprise you how long they’ll be outside once they get going!

Cold weather definitely doesn’t need to stop outdoor play especially if you’re organised up front.  Do you have any other ideas?



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