Best drift trikes for kids and teenagers – a buying guide

So your child has asked for a drift trike and perhaps, like me a little while back, you have no idea where to start and what these toys even are!  Well if so, you’re in the right place as we’re looking at the best drift trikes for kids today and explaining all about these toys.

What is a drift trike?

A drift trike is a low slung trike that has slick back wheels which allows the trike to drift round corners.  Basically the lack of traction on the plastic wheels means that it can skid as it turns.  It’s really fun and kids seem to love the possibilities!  They spin and drift as they turn the corners – it’s a great alternative to a bike!

What to look for when buying a drift trike?

Stability and a sturdy frame is the main thing that I’d suggest with a drift trike – I’d also suggest sticking with brand names as far as possible.  You want something that’s safe for your kids to play on and that won’t fall apart straight away when your child tries to drift!

I’d also keep in mind the age and weight range of the trike in order to get the best value for money with your trike – lots of these trikes that I mention here are good for up to the teen years but do bear in mind how big your child is and make sure it’s suitable.


Best drift trike for kids and teenagers – our reviews

Madd Gear 360 Drift Trike

Madd Gear is a really good brand (I recommend them for Stunt Scooters as well) and this is a good drift trike from them.  It’s suitable from a young age – they state from age 5 – and will be great for older kids too.  The weight limit of this is 68kg.

It’s a very sturdy trike and looks really good in these colours too – definitely one that will appeal to older kids.  The only downside to this one is that although the seat is adjustable and so is good for a wide age range, it’s not simple to adjust. You have to change the bolts which might be annoying as you’re setting it up and getting it to the right size.


Check out the latest price on Amazon here


Rip Rider 360 Caster Trike

This trike from Rip Rider is a lot of fun!  The casters on this are really small (compared to the other trikes) and allow for some great spins and turns.  I’d say that this one is a great option for smaller kids as it’s so easy to manoeuvre and light (9.1kg).  It has a sturdy steel frame so should definitely be up to the job.

It’s suitable for ages 5+ all the way up to maximum child weight of 73kg

(Razor also do some great electric scooters and as expected also do an electric drift trike too!  It’s a little out of the remit of this article but you can see more about it here)


See more about this drift trike on Amazon here



Huffy Green Machine

A slightly different design but the same great idea here – this drift trike has a dual ‘joystick’ rather than traditional handlebars and it’s a real fun one to try that is great for co-ordination and greater control on the trike.  I also like the addition of the red flag to make them easier to see!

This one is suitable from a slightly higher age – from age 8 although it should be noted that it’s quite a heavy trike and so that would make it harder for younger kids to use especially if you have hills!

See the latest price of this trike here


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