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Children’s farms – a great day out!

By Kirsty / August 2, 2016

If you’re stuck for something to do with your kids then why not visit a farm!  Children’s farms are all around the country these days and are a great way to get up close to some animals that you might not necessarily see. What can you see at a children’s farm? Depending on the set […]


8 fun outside activities for teens and older kids

By Kirsty / July 28, 2016

As kids get older and the lure of online games can really sink in, it can get harder to get teens outside.  Here’s some ideas of fun outside activities for teens and tweens. Pokemon Go I had to write about this somewhere!  Although some people are enjoying putting down anyone who wants to go out […]


Tips for camping with kids and toddlers

By Kirsty / July 26, 2016

This post is for you if you’ve ever considered a family camping holiday but need a bit of reassurance!  We’ve been camping with kids since my daughter was about 3 and it’s been some of the most memorable holidays we’ve had.  They can be super cheap holidays too which is why we first started camping. […]


Activities and beach games for kids and toddlers

By Kirsty / July 22, 2016

A trip to the beach can be fun whether it’s part of a summer holiday or just a day trip on a sunny weekend in Autumn (or any season for that matter!)  Here’s some ideas of beach games for kids to try and activities that will suit all ages. Beach activities for kids and toddlers […]


Top 10 things to do over the summer with kids

By Kirsty / July 20, 2016

The long school holidays have arrived yet again and there will certainly be some days when you’re wondering what things to over the summer.  Here’s my list of the top 10 things to do!   1 – Explore your local nature spots Summer is an excellent time to seek out new to you spots to discover […]


Apples, apples, apples!

By Kirsty / October 20, 2012

Apple day is on the 21st October and a perfect time to see if you have any orchards near you with a special event.  There is one near us and every year they open up the orchard, you can pick apples to your hearts content and they have activities for the children as well.  I […]


Great days out – go on a boat trip

By Kirsty / August 23, 2012

Ok, this one is unlikely to be a free day out, but it’s an enjoyable way to get some fresh sea air, or maybe just country air 😉 Often when we’re on holiday we like to do a boat trip somewhere, I love being by the sea and going on it and it’s a great […]


Ten ways to get kids outside when they hate nature!

By Kirsty / August 9, 2012

Some kids really do not like nature which although is a shame, is just part of us all being individual.  So what kinds of things can you do if  you want to get kids outside but they hate bugs, birds wildlife? Here are my top ten ideas: Get on your bike with TeamGB’s cycling successes […]


Let’s Go Geocaching

By Kirsty / August 2, 2012

We’re searching through the undergrowth and I keep glancing furtively around to see if anyone’s watching.  All of a sudden I hear ‘got it!!’ and my DS holds a plastic box aloft with the biggest grin imagineable across his face. This is what’s known as geocaching – have you ever given it a try? So […]

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